Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Another one JOINS the insanity

Hey!!! Sooooooooooo excited that Chris has joined Wil , qcmier and I (who else am I missing?) on our QUEST for the HOLY GRAIL of IM MOO!!!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy Chris! You have chosen wisely. :)

Also, had to add that I'm sure I'm overreacting about my cough. (I hope) I swear I never get sick so I'm not very good at knowing how to deal with it! Hopefully Doc will tell me I'm nuts and this cough is nuthin.'

Now that I have a few more minutes, wanted to also say how much my husband rocks. We are REALLY getting excited to go on our backpacking trip to the Grand Canyon in April with our 4 other buddies. I can't WAIT. For his birthday (Friday) I took him to our favorite store for backcountry stuff: The Backpacker's Shop. We drool every time we go in there at all the coolness. He got a sweet pair of boots that are actually on this month's cover of Backpacker Magazine! He was so excited and I was happy to be able to get them for him. While there, I wandered into the female clothing stuff and found this REALLY cool Mountain Hardware shirt:

How cool would that look on me while backpacking the Canyon? Pretty damn cool, I thought. I told him how awesome I thought that shirt was and said maybe I'd have to treat myself before we headed out to AZ.

Well, no need for that, since he wrapped it up and gave it to me for Valentine's Day! What a guy. ;) Thanks, Matt, for not only being my best friend but for being so supportive of me in these crazy tri endeavors!

My club, the Cleveland Tri Club, is having an inter-club social this Friday at Rock Bottom Brewery! How cool is that? The Cleveland West Road Runners and Cleveland Area Mountain Bike Association are there, too. I'm really pumped to go, and Matt is coming too so he can meet some CAMBA people and hopefully find some new riding buddies. His buddy Rob moved to St. Louis and I'm such a he could use a new partner. Don't get me wrong, mountain biking is a blast and I really do enjoy it, but Matt has a certain element of FEARLESSNESS that I don't really have on the mountain bike. Like, I freak out when I have to jump a log, and he goes down the sides of hills filled with rocks and then through streams and stuff. So hopefully we'll have a good time. :)

It's sunny and almost 50 degrees here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have spring fever.

April 2nd the TRIBE takes on the dirty White Sox for the first game of the season...I can't wait. And, guess who they play at 7:05 on 7/05? (Which just so happens to be my birthday) THE DAMN YANKEES!!! Woo hoo--I must get tickets.

Allright, enough rambling...time for grading!


qcmier said...

Hope the doctor's appointment goes okay.

I know the pres of CAMBA; good guy and getting married to the ex pres of the Tri Club. How cool is that.

Scambling to find Opening day tickets. Shouldn't have left it up to someone else. Maybe I'll just go to Chicago April 2.

Papa Louie said...

Backpacking the Grand Canyon should be a blast. I have hiked it the last 2 years. We go down the Kaibab trail to the bottm Bright Angel Campground, hike on Bright Angel half way up to Indian Gardens to camp then to finish. I would recommend using Trekking Poles. Have you checked out
my member name is tibibacsi.

Cliff said...

If this is u when u are sick, I can't imagine how mcuh you bounce off the wall when you are ok.

Your hubby is one lucky person...Taking him to a store like that is like taking a baby to the candy store ;).

Kurt said...

Nice hiking shirt! My youngest daughter and I love Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Yankees suck but that is coming from a Mariner Fan LOL.

Chad Austin said...

At least 3 of my teammates are doing IMMoo this year. I'm hoping to make the trip to Madison so I can drink beer on State street while everyone runs by - 4 times.

Chris said...

Tri club meeting at a brewery?! Sounds like you found an awesome club! :)

Thanks for the wishes on IMMoo. I'm excited to have the opportunity to go again this year. Let's just hope that I don't bring the heat with me this year! :(

Keryn said...

What an awesome vacation!

and any tri club who meets at a brewery is a winner!

Rae said...

What a sweet hubby! The Grand Canyon is so beautiful, you guys will have a blast!