Sunday, June 03, 2007

There Are Some Things Money Can't Buy

Ticket to go to Jacobs Field to surprise your friend for his 30th birthday: $9

One bottle of Aquafina to drink while everyone else had beer: $3.25

One cold, uncooked soft pretzel that you returned after standing in line for it for 35 minutes: $3.25

Peanuts from a street vendor: $1.25

Parking, split with a few friends: $5

One jumbo hot dog with stadium mustard and ketchup: $3.75

Watching Game 6 on a big screen after the Tribe game was over: $0

"The Drive," "The Shot," and "Game 7 of the 1997 World Series:" no money lost, but some tears and one remote control smashed against a wall after Joe Table blew the save in '97

10 years since any of your teams have even glimpsed at a Championship: $0

Being downtown to witness the electricity and excitement as your team beat the heavily-favored Pistons to go to the NBA finals for the first time in Cleveland History and snap this cell phone picture: Priceless

I don't think it's sunk in yet. You have to understand, I'm a Cleveland sports fan. These things just DON'T HAPPEN.

Go Cavs....RISE UP!


Jodi said...

I don't even like basketball, but I watched the game and got goosebumps when they won! It's about time this town had something positive to embrace!



E-Speed said...

:) I was lying in bed listening and though half asleep rose to slap high fives with my hubby as we won. I've been a Detroit fan my whole life but it was definitely Cleveland's turn. They rocked.

Jennifer P said...

Maybe it's because I'm Canadian that I couldn't care less about the NBA (or maybe it's Steve Nash's really bad hair). I love that you returned your pretzel. You can get away with anything when you're knocked up. Take advantage of it!

Charlie said...

I was at Gateway plaza with you.
What an AMAZING moment for this city.
GO CAVS! Gooo Tribe!!!!

qcmier said...

Wish I was there. Wait till we win the whole damn thing!!!

Try@thlete said...

It's about time for the CAVs. Have you got one of those big finger thingys?

JenC said...

Cleveland rocks! Go Cavs!

Let's hope the Indians continue their winning ways this season too!

DaisyDuc said...

Oh total goosebumps here.

I cannot believe I am watching a Clevlenad team do this!!!! Woohoo! Time to finish this! We deserve this like no other town!!!

Lana said...

That's cool Sara!! Live it up!

Kurt said...

I didn't watch it, I only watch college b ball (Go UNC!).

No baby updates?

Cara said...

Ha ha, good luck with your last two days at school! (Or maybe one by now?) At least the last one (for us) is pretty much all work time, so it was almost like freedom. But it wasn't really "FREEEEDOMMMM!!!" like it is now. :-)

Cara said...

Oh yeah, and I did IM WI in '04 (barely finished -- had major tummy issues on the run), CDA in '05 (MUCH better!) and LP in '06 (awesome race, so-so performance). I would love to do another one, but not anytime soon. I was looking forward to this year being the Year of the Sprints, and trying to improve my marathon time (I know, a little contradictory). Alas. Next year maybe. I know I won't want to spend 7 hours gone on a bike ride once the baby is here, so probably no IM for awhile.
I don't think it's crazy at all to be planning your '08 season -- I have mine planned, too! :)