Sunday, June 17, 2007

Meltdown #2

So yesterday I had to have meltdown #2.

Matt was a witness to the first one. My poor Mom was the witness to this one.

Essentially, I am so sick of these dumb baby books/magazines/store employees that tell you your "pre-pregnancy size" is what you will wear in your pregnancy.


I am normally a 6 or 8, depending on the brand. That is most usually a medium, and occasionally a small. I am sort of tall (5'8") although I am the shortest person in my family.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Logic would say that I'd wear a medium in stupid maternity clothes, right?

Oh no. Not so fast. We need to factor in this.

This is so out of control it's driving me nuts. So last night we were meeting some friends out at a fun little bar and I wanted a cute shirt. All the shirts I have that I can actually fit into are stretch polos, or tank tops from Old Navy Maternity. Not really the essence of style. I'm not a style snob, but I would like to have just ONE shirt that is somewhat stylish to wear out with friends on the rare occasion I actually head downtown to a nice pub. Is that TOO MUCH TO ASK?!?!

Seriously. I hate everyone in the maternity clothing industry. It seems to be that my choices are either a knit tank top, or shirts that look WAYYYYY too matronly for me. I really don't want to look 15 years older than I am, you know? Why don't they get that?!

So Mom took me to the Maternity Store--the only one really around here--and we tried to find shirts. I tried on MEDIUMS BECAUSE DARN IT THAT'S WHAT THEY SAY TO DO.

I seriously can barely get them over my head.


So I proceed to start breaking down in the dressing room. Poor Mom tries to pick out a few clothes to make me feel better but it only made me feel worse. I put on my huge cheap sunglasses and snuck out of there with nothing and then proceeded to heaving cry the whole way home.

I'm sorry you had to witness that, Mom. It's just DARE "they" say that you remain your pre-pregnancy size when I AM ALREADY AT MONTH SIX 2 SIZES OVER THAT?!?!?!?! That REALLY doesn't work wonders for the ego.

I finally got home and decided the only thing that would make me feel better was a GOOD workout.

10 mile run?


How about a nice hour long ride outside?



So I went up to the pool and swam 3000 yards, stopping only to fix my cap that was inching off my head and occasionally adjust my goggles. 3000 yards, only stopping a few times. I could have definitely kept going, too, but I was already out of time.


I also ran into Rob, who is kicking some SERIOUS butt getting ready for IMUSA. I can't believe how much he has improved his run game this past year, and I gave him some mad props for it. He's already an amazing swimmer and cyclist, so now that he's blazing the run, I wouldn't be surprised if he knocked off some serious time off his already-impressive IM performances. So it was nice to talk Ironman a bit and I think it helped remind me that next year at this time I can hopefully be moving faster, too.

So I got home, showered and changed, and then headed out to meet my buddies. The more I thought about it, the more I decided that if one part of me have to inflates, I guess it's better that it's the top half. My pants, shorts, capris, and skirts are all medium. I'd rather have an XL top and a medium ass than an XL ass and a medium top.

Baby Z is moving around like crazy. I think it likes to swim. And it's probably also laughing at me, too.

Like, really hard.


KC said...

This happened to me, too. I know it sucks. Hang in there, Sara -- this too will pass!!!

Wil said...

Sis...........Ok, in the words of John Cusack from Say Anything - a.k.a. one of the best movies ever made on this planet... YOU MUST CHILL. Wonder Woman, I know it's like aliens have invaded your body, and well, they kinda did - but nothing's gonna be the way you think it should be - if you read that stuff that says it will or should by XYZ way, just know that those are all just guidelies. Your body is unique to you and there's no one size fits all template for anything with pregnancy. Roll with it baby ;) and remember you learned everything you need to know to survive this... and what you don't know, your body does ;)

And holy crap can I just say swimming 3K at more than a little pregnant is still SheRa princess of power status in about everyone's book. Likes to swim... hell sis, your kid's gonna come out swingin' a sword ;)

21stCenturyMom said...

Anyone who says your top half stays the same is just being cruel. Your boobs get HUGE - that's just the way it is. They have a job to do. If you decide not to nurse they will get smaller sooner but in any case (whether or not you nurse your baby) there will come a day when you are the same size you were before you got pregnant. Until then try not to let the magazines tyrannize you.

I have a really good thing to tell you that a Mom and 9 time IronMan finisher told me yesterday but I'll save it. You'll like, it though. Promise

Wes said...

That'll learn the Maternity Industry. Those bastards!! Who cares what other people say, is what I say, unless of course, they are right, and I know it to be right. But when you know it to be wrong, then you can assume they don't have a clue. So there!!

Rachel said...

Take solace in how strong and fit you are. I can't even swim that far! I can imagine how hard it is to find clothes. I think the maternity industry sucks too. My friend used to wear cute sleveless tanks that were long in the torso. She had a very nice toned upper body and it was very flattering. Or, you could just go hip-hop and shop in the guys department. ;)

Scott said...

Hey like wow... this is what I get for checking out of the blogosphere... I miss the totally awesome news that you are pregnant.

Lucky kid to be!!! My baby sister was born on October 8th and she is totally awesome.


Mallie said...

Sara, you manage to make us laugh even when you're full 'o angst. If I could I'd borrow some of your increased boobage. Maybe it'd make me swim faster.

I'm sure your mom understood. My sisters both had similar meltdowns during their pregnancies. And you burnt off steam the right way during your swim!

jbmmommy said...

I've had many a similar meltdown. Not only does it depend on the store and the cut of the clothes I didn't realize they now make "early" and "late" pregnancy style clothes. My mom picked me up some early clothes (I also detest shopping) and they're way to small. I've resorted to mainly huge gym t-shirts and husband's shorts except when I'm at work and must squeeze into something more appropriate. Take care, this too shall pass.

greyhound said...

Listen, I swam 3k yesterday--not straight. I did well, but was ready to quit when I finished. I.AM.NOT.PREGNANT.

You Before = Strong + Beautiful

You Now = Strong + Beautiful


jkrunning said...

At least you fit into the Med. Pants. I sure didn't. I grew EVERYWHERE, even my feet. I remember one time having to sit in the car, barefooted, while my hubby ran into Payless to buy me some size 9 flipflops because my usual 7.5's weren't fitting. It'll pass my friend. I promise.

JenC said...

I'm sorry you had to go through that. I will keep my fingers crossed that you find some cool preggers wear!

Kurt said...

It will pass with time I promise. My wife went through the same stuff as you are. Don't worry about the size, just wear what you are comfy with.

Siren said...

Giant I-Hate-Maternity-Clothes HUGS coming your way!!

OMG, I've been losing it the last week for the same reason. The girls are something like a 40F right now. Add that to the fact that pre-pregnancy I was juuuust barely able to squeeze into a regular (i.e. not women's plus size) size "XL"... I'm so screwed.

I haven't been able to find any 14/16 maternity clothes in a store. Anywhere. Last week I think I tried 5 stores and tried on 20 different maternity tops. Most would not even pretend to come down over the girls. And the ones that do fit now (at a measly 4.5 months) barely hold the girls in, have almost no room for the belly to grow and clearly won't fit two or three months from now.

Everyone TALKS about how maternity clothes are all cute and trendy and easy to wear now... but I have yet to see actual evidence of this.

Lana said...

Yes, are definitely better off to have the top half expand. This is coming from someone who's bottom half the back. My whole back side just got huge - thighs, ass, lower back...all of got really wide. And it ain't easy to get rid of that...I'm still working on it. Anything that happened up top seemed to just come right off with a little exercise. You're gonna be fine, girl. But you're also allowed to have those meltdowns, so take full of advantage of that right!!!

DaisyDuc said...

Poor thing...but you are entitled to your moments! They really do need some cooler maternity wear!

Jennifer P said...

I wish I could send you my preggers clothes! Wanna borrow them? I REFUSED to be the fat pregnant chick in sweats so I have some nice stuff....

I remember being in Old Navy once and trying on a pair of medium mat sweats that we too small. I started bawling/freaking out in the change room. The sales clerks did not make eye contact with me on the way out.

Before long you won't remember this....promise. It sucks now but I assure you that it does all go away....

qcmier said...

Hey it's not just pregnant women that have this problem. I can't find a good pair of pants that fit.