Sunday, May 06, 2007

Looking Ahead

Okay, so I took a short bloggy vacay. It was quite nice. I discovered the joys of a private blog! I don't know why I didn't think of that earlier. See, I think with some of this stuff, A) it's private, you know? and B) I really don't want feedback. I just want to write. So I will probably be writing there lots about all these crazy changes, and try to keep this blog here as tri-related as I can.

Had a wonderful time in Indy with my Nutter girls. It was so fun to see everyone! We always have a blast. I hadn't seen them since the finish line at Ironman, so it was great to be on the other side and rooting for them. Lush and her hubby both PR'd! Lush broke 2 hours for the first time ever, which kicks booty. I was so proud and got a blister from ringing my cowbell so long.

Still running and swimming, and riding the trainer as much as I can. Last night's swim felt great! I had to keep it short because it was so late, but it felt good mid-set to bust out 1000 yards without stopping, even if it was slow. I ain't gonna lie. I was pretty proud. Flip turns are getting interesting, though!

Tomorrow's my annual field trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The weather looks good, so hopefully it will all go off without a hitch! They put on a good free program for the students. It's pretty sweet to have a resource like that down the road.

On to tri-related topics...well, I've spent quite a bit of time crunching lots of numbers and doing lots of thinking, and I think I've come to the decision of what will be included in my 2008 Race Season.

I do not want to do another Ironman that year. Ironman Florida is the only one I can logistically do, and it is out of the question.

Here's why:

Race Registration: $450
2 plane tickets: (believe me, I've searched everywhere and this is the best I can do) $900
Shipping my bike: $200
Rental car for 4 days: somewhere around $200
Hotel for 4 days: minimum $450
Food for 4 days: $100 or so


And that doesn't even include coaching. When you look at it that way, it's just freaking ridiculous. I can't imagine a more selfish thing to do next year than that. We're both teachers, for crying out loud. And we have some debt we had to amass this year due to our unforseen circumstances. And we will have an infant. I know Matt would support my decision either way, as he's made very clear, but when I look at it this way I have NO desire to do that to us.

So that made me lose ALL desire to do an Ironman next year.

In a perfect world, Ironmans wouldn't cost $2,300. But, for now, they do. And seeing that combined with knowing the great physical and emotional sacrifice I'd have to make next year makes it an absolute no-brainer.

I can't afford Ironman. Period. End of story.

So hopefully within the next few years, I will be able to again. I am very lucky that I HAVE such a wonderful husband, and will have a little one, to share life with, you know? I need to remember that many don't have this opportunity. I am so lucky.

So what I am planning on doing, is this:

Late-May: Cleveland Half Marathon. Goal? Largely will depend on the situation. If training goes well, a PR. If training is sporatic, to finish with my baby there to greet me at the finish line.

Mid-July: Muncie Endurathon with Wil. Goal? A) to go somewhere around 6 hours. B) to PR, which is under 6:34. I've only done 2 70.3s--the first one I was clueless on and death marched the run due to lack of hydration, and the last one was just for training, so I think I can pretty easily PR. C) to finish, less than a year after giving birth.

August: Huntington Sprint Tri and Lorain Olympic Tri. They are essentially in my backyard. Goal? To hammer a little bit and have fun, and give my baby a big sweaty hug at the end.

October: Chicago Marathon, with Wil and Lush. Goal? A) sub-4. B) PR, which is sub 4:18. C) finish the race with a smile on and with enough energy to still celebrate my baby's first birthday.

So there it is. Flexibililty included. I know I can't predict what will happen next year. And, please, I'd appreciate it if you didn't tell me that, either. I've heard it enough, I promise. These are my goals, and I don't shoot down others goals who I may think are unrealistic.

I watch and hope they make it and show me that doubt is worthless and anything is possible.

I like do to things on my own terms, and if I fall, I fall on my own. You can laugh at me if you really must when I have my face planted in the ground, OK?

Just thinking about next year gets me pretty excited. I can't wait to have my body back, and I can't wait to try some new things and get back to basics--staying local for the most part, and just enjoying a season without too much long stuff.

(Even though I suppose a marathon is :)

But somehow I think marathon training will never scare me again after the training I put in for Ironman. It will be fun to do my long runs on the weekend with my Soler friends, as during the week I'll most likely have to hit the treadmill or get up really early to make it work. But I'm looking forward to all the new challenges.

Well, it just feels like a bit of a relief to know that I will not be doing another Ironman next year. I will someday, but it will find me when the time is right just like it did the last time. It's the kind of thing you really have to want, and right now, I just don't.

So on with the rest of the adventures.


Flo said...

What about an iron distance race instead of an "Ironman" Do they have any of those around you?? That might be a more reasonable alternative. Just a thought....

TriShannon said...

Hmmn... maybe I'll have to join you for one of those so that I can see you and your baby!!!

jbmmommy said...

Good luck. And I apologize if I'm one of the people that gave out some unsolicited advice that you feel makes a private blog preferable. I don't know nearly as much about triathlon stuff as you do, I tend to go on and on about the mommy stuff. As if you don't have enough more qualified people, that you would turn to, to give advice. Anyway, good luck with everything.

RunBubbaRun said...

I always there for the Chicago marathon, Maybe I'll give munice a crack as well.. That would be fun.

There are some non-WTC IM distance events around the midwest, I think so. Alot cheaper and you could probably sign-up late.

Yeah, traveling for a IM gets pretty costly..

Rika said...

I've never met you but I came across your blog through another's blog. I look forward to hearing your pregnancy woes, stresses and highlights in combination with all your triathlon comments. For someone considering getting pregnant in the very near future blogging what you are thinking, feeling and experiencing is very helpful for me. Hopefully I too will be in your position soon :) You're doing great and your '08 goals are solid :)

qcmier said...

Wanna pacer at Chi-town?

DaisyDuc said...

2008 sounds like it will be a very exciting year for you!!!

It is awesome how supportive Matt is with you and I think that it is wonderful that you have thought everything through so well and realized what is going to be the best fit for you and your family next year.

For what it is worth, when training for this upcoming marathon, almost all of my weekday runs were done inside on the treadmill too. I think it may have helped my pacing a perhaps it may not be such a bad thing!

Spokane Al said...

Visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on a school trip sounds great - makes me want to go back to high school again - not!

I am also amazed at the cost of this sport. Of course, if we applied economics to the supply and demand issues with the quickness each IM event fills, then the entry fee could probably be substantially higher before the entry fee price reached equilibrium.

JenC said...

Buddy, your goals sound good to me - not unrealistic at all. 2008 will be a fabulous year with your hubby and baby at every finish line!

Siren said...

I'm SO glad you're thinking about 2008 too! I thought maybe I was being unreasonable.

Wil said...

Going to be an awesome year sis! Now pencil in Chcago Accenture and I think we have ourselves a schedule!

Kurt said...

I might do the Cleveland half next year also. I go their almost monthly now (Akron actually) and been wanting to do a race in that area.

I love your goals. Your baby is going to enjoy watching Mom kick arse!

E-Speed said...

It is good to have goals to look forward to. You will rock next year and that baby of yours will be so proud!

kt said...

Hey girl!

Love hearing you write just how lucky you are. Can't wait to see what 2008 brings. Your goals sound fabulous to me.

Cliff Tam said...


woah u think ahead...have u consider IMUSA? It is Lake Placid, NY. I am not sure how far that is from it driveable?

I might consider doing Wisconsin 2008.

tri-mama said...

elxvftzNot only will I not tell you your goals are not realistic, I tell you you can so do any of this. I was generally running within 6 weeks postpartum-from week 2-4 I used the crosstrainer. Your body bounces back pretty quick after the first baby- you'll just have to negotiate the lack of sleep. Nursing presents it's own problems-but do able. The whole transition into being a mom is so weird-physically, emotionally. It's helpful to have goals set that you believe in but hold loosely-just as you are doing. It's important to know your life doesn't end when you start having kids-especially now when it feels like so much of your life is goverened by the baby. As the baby grows, that dynamic intensifies, but it becomes wonderful at the same time-especially as you start identifying body parts sticking out of your stomach. Tac and I have lived very active lives with our kids when we've wanted to do so, and when there is jus the one-it's pretty easy. I'll keep the Endurathon in mind- we are also looking at doing the 101 race in Halifax Nova Scotia. It's the first weekend in September and it looks awesome. Pretty flat course, the 18 mile run goes along the coastal road through quaint little fishing towns- and it's only $150 to enter. New England in the fall...hmmmmm.

TriSonq said...

Glad you're back!

The season just started for me and I'm already trying to figure out next year's schedule also.

We're nuts!