Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Me vs. Eddie

I'm faster than Eddie George!

AWWWWW yeah! Take THAT, Mr. Heisman!

Okay...but he's a LOT bigger than I am...and he could CRUSH me like a LEETLE WALNUT.

But it is rather refreshing to hear Lance and Eddie talk about how hard it was for them, you know? Especially when I am slowing down by the day.


(but please don't hurt me)


Kim said...

hahahaa you speed demon you!!!!

my net time of 2:01:45 was faster than georgeys but my guntime was a few seconds slower (2:03:14). damn you georgey, damn you!!!!!

E-Speed said...

LOL. This was a cute post.

mouse said...

i'm so confused. didn't he go to OSU? then WHY DO WE CARE ABOUT HIM?!?!


DaisyDuc said...

Yeah for Eddie to try this...had to take some guts!!! GO Buckeyes!

Cliff Tam said...

Good post. He said the run was harder than football ;)...

TriSonq said...

Yeah. I beat him also. The man is still HUGE!!!

I bet we can get a PR if he was chasing us!