Thursday, January 18, 2007

Alias: TriSaraTops

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Mission: To exit during the long break between midterm exams/lunch and hit the snazzy new Y to do a swim.

No one suspects a thing. Flying Pig bag is all packed up. Zoot suit is ready to go.

Enter 29 civilians to take a 143 question test.

Play role of "teacher." Code name: Mrs. Z. (Other Aliases: ZimDogg, ZuhzuhzuhZEEEEUNIT.) Answer questions. Read the riot act about cell phones and iPods. Pass out scantrons. Watch for wandering eyes. Demand nothing but a number 2 pencil.


Collect tests. Eye clock. You will have a short amount of time for said mission. Must complete 2500 yards or it's not worth getting in the pool.

Testing period ends. Two subjects approach you. Keep your cool. They are what the District calls "freshman." These types of subjects usually ask questions incessantly. They are overly excited to actually go out to lunch, since they never get to do this.

"Mrs. Z, we're going to Herb's Place for lunch! Where are you going?"

Quick! Response!

"I'm....going to swim. And then a sandwich."

*blank stares*


NONONONONO you have BLOWN YOUR COVER! Exit strategy commence!

"I mean I'm going to swim. Really. And then come back here and eat my sandwich."

*freshman look at each other quizzically*

"You're going to SWIM?"



*one subject says to the other:*

"Dude, I don't think she ever stops."

Quickly grab Pig bag, while laughing at subject comment. Lock all items secure. Drive to prearranged location. Quick change back into TriSaraTops.

Execute 2500 yards. 500 warm up, 10 X 50 drills, 5X200 NS, 3X100 hard, 200 CD.

Examine clock. Just in time.

Quick change: grey pants, purple sweater, makeup. Back to "Mrs. Z." Report back to 221 for duty. Appear as if nothing happened.

"Hey, Mrs. Z...can I have some extra review?"

Outstanding. They bought it.

Mission accomplished.


Taconite Boy said...

Nice work. When I sneak in a swim my guys at the painting job seem to always know? It must be the red wig...I'll try that next time...hmmm

Lloyd said...

[insert MI theme music]

Nice work, Agent Zimdogg.

[/insert MI theme music]

And oh, I heart my Flying Pig bag. Not sure what I'll do when it finally falls apart.

JenC said...

Great job! I consider it an accomplishment if I can escape down to the gym in the basement for a lift during lunch. That is the plan for today.

Great to do Yoga with you last night!

Random thought: All the Z's in your post have put the "Rumpshaker" song in my head. "All I want to do is zooma, zoom, zoom and a boom, boom...just shake your rump!"

Laurie said...

I always admire people who workout over lunch, especially swim. It just seems like so much work to get dressed twice in one day. Well done.

Samantha B said...

Fantastic! How was the new Y?

Rae said...

Time management success!

People always act like I've just said the most insane thing ever when I workout at lunch!

TryAthlete said...

Well done, Sydney! (er, Sara)

Your next mission: To tell the kids you're off on a 40-mile bike during the lunch hour, then hide in the staff room, and have them think you really went and did it.

TriShannon said...

I love the lunch time swim. I feel so refreshed and ready to tackle the afternoon.

Great work getting away!

Pharmie said...

Mission accomplished! Now if only I swam fast enough to get a swim in over lunch!

greyhound said...

You ain't foolin' nobody, chica. You are Iron from the top of your head down to those painted toes; it is your aura.

Habeela said...

Ah yes, the under-cover role of a teacher. :)

RunBubbaRun said...

Great job on your training. Super stealth.

My ritual during lunch as well. Maybe I should change my disguise, some people are starting to catch on.

jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

cute. I admire you for swimming during lunch. It seems like so much work!! (Wait, I'm starting to sound like a freshman.)

Jodi said...

Awesome. I bet the adrenaline from having to make it back in time made for a kick ass swim workout. But what swim day isn't kickass???


Triteacher said...

You have a career in espionage beckoning you...