Thursday, August 17, 2006

overheard on the street

*spin, spin, spin, spin*

*smug grinning*


Hee hee.

What are you laughing at?


Why? I'm just out for a nice 90 minute ride...what's the problem?

No problem. It's just that in all of your worrying and moaning and complaining, you've....well....nothing.

Nothing? You can't have all this attitude and then tell me it's nothing.

Fine. It's that you've actually gotten quite good at me.

I'm still not very fast.

Dammit--when are you going to stop equating GOOD with fast?

What do you mean? How can you NOT?!

I mean, THINK about what you're doing right now. Think about what you've done the past 3 weeks. On each and every Saturday, you've rode me for 100 miles, and then went about your way. You even RAN afterwards. Remember when you did Pedal to the Point in 2003, and 75 miles made you turn in your Cedar Point ticket and lay in the hotel watching the Anna Nicole Smith True Hollywood Story on E?

Ugh. Sadly, I do. Can we not mention that ever again?

Fine. But just promise me you'll remember.

Remember what? Anna Nicole Smith?

NO!! Remember what you are DOING. When you are freaking out in the days leading up to IM. You will remember what you've done to get there. You will remember that no matter what happens on that day, you will deal with it and you will be OK.'re still not my favorite, though.

Well, you're just going to have to pretend that I am. That's how you'll do this. Stop this "I hate you" mentality and think of why you just heart me.


Well? Don't you know why you love me?

Look--look at your legs.

I see a lot of scars on my knees from falling off you.

Okay, Miss Pessimist. How about looking at the good part of your legs?

What good part?

They look....GOOD. They are more toned and stronger than they ever were.

Well...yeah, I guess. Maybe.

Not Desiree Ficker good or anything. But good nonetheless.

Thanks....I think...?

The bottom line is, I'm not as bad as you think I am. And YOU are not giving yourself enough credit.

Yeah, yeah. I think I really have learned that.

So, we cool?

*sigh* Yeah, we cool.

You're still looking forward to your 2 hour run Sunday more than the 5 hour ride Saturday with me, aren't you?

Of course.

Okay, okay. I guess I can live with that.

I'm just keepin' it real.


xt4 said...

Ha! And glad I'm not the only one anthropomorphizing my bike...and only to find his (her) bike consistently smarter than its rider...


Flatman said...

Great post...I *heart* my bike too!

Curly Su said...

awesome! i'm not at the i 'heart' my bike thing yet (actually haven't ridden since france...i know i know...horrible), but i'm hoping i get there sooner rather than later.

you've got a great attitude, ya know that?

Cliff said...

love that bike.a.nd love those legs..(i mean mine :D)

rob reddy said...
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rob reddy said...

hummmm - taper messing with your brain ;]

Spokane Al said...

Those are great words. I think many of us, as we toil through week after week of tough training, fail to give ourselves the credit due us.

I remember just a couple of years ago when I was satisfied with a morning 10k, 10 mile or even a half marathon. And now I do much of that after a 70 mile bike ride and still beat myself up for not doing more, faster and better.

Wes said...

You crack me up T. You are definitelyi the real thing!

Eric said...

Don't forget that the bike indirectly makes you a better runner also. Permits you to train your aerobic without pounding your legs.

Keep up the positive thoughts. It keeps getting better.

RunBubbaRun said...

Now you have to give your bike a name?? Easier to talk to :). Yes i talk to my bike too. Great mental training, positive thought and have confidence in the training you have done. You are ready..

TryAthlete said...

When's your book, Conversations with my bike, coming out?

Scott said...

OMG - the Anna Nicole Smith E True Hollywood Story... how did you not end it all right then and there?

Once again proof: training = truth.

jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

I love it.
Watch out, riding may become your favorite if your not careful.

Lance Notstrong said...

You need to listen to your bike!!! He (or she) knows what it is talking about :-) Love the's the easiest of the three.

TriBoomer said...

Your bike talks too? Cool.

It's a good thing my Speedo briefs can't talk.

Stay tuned...

Kewl Nitrox said...

:) Good one. Way to keep it "real".

Chris said...

Great post! I totally hear you about the long ride thing to. I remember my first 80 and how I got home and just lied down on the floor in the entryway thinking good God, what I have gotten myself into. I was totally wiped! Now 80 doesn't even seem really long any more. I'm thinking about doing 80 next weekend and I feel like I'm cheating. :)

You're going to be GREAT in Sept! You've truly come a long way. :)

Michele said...

Great post!
I am not to the heart my bike yet but I hate it a lot less.

Kurt said...

Hmm, a teacher who hears voices now. Do you see dead people also? LOL

I often talk to my body at the end of the race convincing it that oxygen really isn't required and it is just a short way to go. I find that it helps me.

I think your going to do so great on your big Try event!

BuckeyeRunner said...

I love it!!

Wil said...

In therapy someday, we're going to have such freakin' cool company!!!

This so rocks sis!!!

Robin said...

You gotta talk to someone who'll listen while you're out there pedaling...

triteacher said...

Love this post - thanx!