Sunday, August 20, 2006

A glimpse inside my head

Things I thought Friday night when I was trying to sleep the night before a big ride:

Damn. It's 2:37am. Seriously. I didn't go to bed at 11pm for no reason. This blows.

3:08am. Hey, Matt's finally home from working the Browns game. Wonderful. I'm still awake.

What? 5:15 already? A new record...2 1/2 hours of sleep. Great.

Things I thought when I left the house at 6am:

Uh oh. It's raining.

It's really dark. That must mean school starts this week.

WOW. That must mean I have an Ironman in three weeks.

Stop. Panicking. Go. to. meet. riding. friends.....

Hey, it's the WIBA theme song: Young Jeezy's Soul Survivor! Why is this on the radio at 6:03am on a Saturday?

Things I thought as I started my ride

Riding friends are the best. Especially Canada Jenn, who just came out to ride 1:30 and could have easily done so at 9am like any normal person would. But she's a rida.

Crap. I forgot my top plastic straw to my profile designs areobottle.

Woo hoo! My new 305 is sweet! And I totally blame Jodi for telling me about the deal that lead to the purchase.

Wow, it's early. Here are some things I can't wait to do when Ironman is over:
  • sleep past 5:15am on a Saturday
  • watch football on my couch, preferably with a Blue Moon, Hoegaarten, or some other tasty libation
  • Cook really good meals with my tomatoes and fresh basil from my garden, and try new Rachael Ray meals from the cookbook I haven't even touched yet
  • Watch races and volunteer--I can't wait to see Jacks run Chicago!
  • lots and lots of yoga instead of a few minutes here and there
  • have my toenails back: Mr. 2nd from the left on the right foot is a resiliant little guy, and I feel quite bad for him.
Things I saw on my 72 mile ride and/or 4 mile run:

The biggest--and only--wild turkey I've ever seen in my life on Valley Parkway in the Cleveland Metroparks. THIS THING WAS AT LEAST 3 FEET TALL and just waddling around like he owned the road. WTF?

Rain. LOTS and LOTS of rain.

One dead possum, raccoon, and squirrel

Two deer and two bunnies

Lots of beautiful, green, rolling hills

A sign for "Brown Eggs," one "swimming pool--$600," and three sweet corn stands

A stand with lots of fresh produce


Another party that I missed

Things I thought about during this ride

I have to do my lesson plans.

Uh oh. It's not just drizzling anymore. Hey, that reminds me of that joke: why does Snoop Dogg need an umbrella? For the DRIZZLE.

Okay, this isn't funny anymore. This rain is so hard I can barely see and I have to go down a hill that usually tops me at around 40mph. Darn. I have to slow down.

Hey, I don't think I've ever rode in a storm like this.

Hey, if it does this at IM MOO, I'm now officially gonna be ready.


Why does this feel so easy? It's slow, but it feels....EASY. My average HR is 133? Even with these hills? Wait--these hills didn't even make me blink this time. I didn't dread their arrival like I usually do. Is that the rain's doing? Or am I....dare I say it....just BETTER?

What's my pace for these 4 miles? 9:50, with an average HR of 152...after 72 miles on the bike?


I'm going to do this. I really am going to do this. Arent' I?

Things I thought on the drive home:

I had fun.

Did I just think that out loud?


Jodi said...

That's so awesome, Sara! I am so excited for you and glad that you are enjoying yourself in these final prep weeks. Isn't riding in the rain fun? It's like a little obstacle. Mother nature is trying to get you to stop, but you know you're stronger than that. I hope that the weather at Moo is perfect, but you will be just fine no matter what it is. You have pushed through ALL conditions and won!

Kurt said...

You still continue to hear voices but at least not reporting seeing dead people yet!

Do you have a goal for a specific event after your tri effort? I know you will take some time to rest (and you should) but it will come back to you and you will want to do something again soon. Should think a bit about that also.

Great ride you will do well at the MOO.

Wes said...

I don't know why, but I didn't even know there were any turkeys up north until I went horse riding at a ranch in New York. I really like the 305. Maybe when I grow up my wife will let me have one :-)

jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

Sounds like someone is ready, willing and able for this ironman! You go girl.

Eric said...

It was great seeing you during my ride. Always good to stop and talk.


1. You love the bike, or your getting better about accepting it.

2. Your legs ARE looking good, from the bike riding, remember the V

3. You were ready for IM MOO before this ride.

4. It's all fun baby!!!!

Michele said...

Sounds like you are ready, you go girl!

qcmier said...

No random sighting of me today as we didn't start till 11:00 and then went out to Tinker's Creek.

You are so going to have an awesome race.

Chris said...

I always have insomnia *after* a long day of working out for some reason. Thus, I'm posting this on your blog at 3:35 AM. :) Guess I shouldn't have taken such a long nap.

Sounds like you're really ready both mentally and physically for the big show! You're gonna do great!

Scott said...

That you got up and did the ride with no sleep proves that you are already an Ironman - most would have turned off the alarm, rolled over and went back to sleep.

RunBubbaRun said...

Your truely getting strong out there. Riding in the rain and little sleep. Way to push it. Your definetly ready and to hear the words "You are an Ironman".

rob reddy said...

that rain Sat was AWESOME!!!!! I did my last long run in it and could not have been happier!

Almost got hit by one of those metro park turkeys last week also - what is up with that!!

Robin said...

Biking in the rain realy gets your confidence up. Sounds like you are ready. You will rock. You have the mental and the physical now.

E-Speed said...

all on minimal sleep! impressive!

who that is still steep for a watch ;)

Cliff said...

I have the same prob with sleep. I will wake up 3-4 in the middle of the night.

U got the 305...nice..

Wild turkeys..nice..i see a whole load of road kill whenevre I bike.

Lloyd said...

Uggh, I have my own dilemma with sleep...

What, only 3 more weeks to go? At this rate, we are in for a real treat...with your blogs! Great post today. I relate with the taper-madness!!

I just saw the Sole forum...did I read that correctly that Coach Kara is going for IM MOO too?

Lance Notstrong said...

Riding in the rain is fun :-)

Pharmie said...

You are totally ready for this!

Fe-lady said...

You made me yearn hills, Cleveland metropark, sweet corn, rain...and doing an Ironman!

Rachel said...

I do that too. Narrate my own life. I also go to bed late for no good reason. You are so disciplined for getting up early anyway for those rides!

Lana said...

Great job! And I love the "swimming pool - $600" sign...haha.

So, you decided on the 305! I got mine Friday and really like it alot. I do think it feels not as bulky as the 301. Glad you are enjoying yours!