Monday, October 19, 2009

Back in the Saddle...Kinda

First and foremost, thanks for all the well-wishes on my last post! It was kind of scary last week. I'm not gonna lie. We dodged a HUGE bullet over here. My quarantine efforts paired with OCD levels of Lysol wipes and sprays seemed to have worked, as Bug and Matt are walking away with this unscathed say for a slight cold.


Baby Z and I are doing well. I sure do have me a kicker in there. Baby's made it very clear that this diet of soup and grilled cheese is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. But, on the bright side, I doubt my OB will be upset at me about my weight gain this month! Boo ya. Silver lining, baby.

I just swallowed my last Tamiflu, but have been ordered by my OB to be out of school for ten days. TEN. FREAKING.DAYS. Do you know how hard it is to get sub plans for 10 days?! Ugh. I'm very lucky and have the best sub in the world, my mentor Barb, for 4 of the 8 days I'm missing. But the other ones I don't, and that's been rough because I can't expect a sub who doesn't even have a history background to be able to jump into AP History and be fine leading a discussion on the Jacksonian Era. So next week should be quite interesting.

This past weekend I totally had some 26.2 fever. It could be because I am seriously popping out like nobody's business--I mean, there ain't NO denying what's going on now. I'm getting huge. And last time I was 23 weeks pregnant it was early June and everyone was gearing up for their seasons, so it is very reassuring that this time, everyone's winding down. I definitely timed this one up better for many reasons, and that's one of them.

So I, like all of you, are looking ahead to next season. And I think I'm really going to go for it.

The theme of next season shall be, From Baby To Boston.

It means that I will have to make the Rev3 NOT my priority, though. It will be a fun race and one I'll enjoy, but I'm going to have to focus more on being the hostess with the mostess to my Team and use it as a long training day. And I'm okay with that. I actually swore that I wouldn't do any 70.3s next year, until the Rev3 had to go and be all in my backyard and stuff. Because I was really thinking that sprints and olys might fit into life better and also help me get into better shape (going harder for a shorter period of time really helps me drop weight). So, I'm making peace with letting go of the Rev3 as an A race.

My focus will be on Columbus. I think I really thrive off the crowds and races with good support. Chicago has perhaps too much crowd for me in a BQ attempt, and Columbus is only 2.5 hours away. I could easily sneak down there for 24 hours or so and be home afterwards to snuggle with my little guys/guy and girl.

(Yes, that's right. I don't know what I'm having. Well, I do...when people ask me, I reply "human." I like to be surprised. Plus, it gives me some motivation to get through the extremely uncomfortable final weeks--not to mention labor...)

Maybe it's because one year ago, I killed my PR there. Maybe it's because it's now a year away, and I'm stuck here with a big ol' butt and the swine flu, but whatever it is, I just think I'm going to do this.

Next year, at this time, I'm going to punch my ticket to Boston.

And that's the end of the discussion.


Wendy said...

Glad to hear the bullet was dodged!

(Baby to Boston will be an exciting season in many ways!)

Mike said...

Glad to hear you are doing better! Looking forward to the Baby to Boston theme for 2010!

Simply Married said...

Baby To Boston... Love it! We're rooting for ya!

Alili said...

Awesome. :)

Love2Run said...

Boston is the best! Glad you're feeling better.

Mnowac said...

Seeing how hard you came back onto the scene after Jay Z, I have no doubt you can qualify for Boston. I think I will do C-bus next year, but I will just be hoping to get in under 4:20.

Mama Simmons said...

Baby to Boston! Love it! I totally get the goal setting during pregnancy too... Admirable. :)
I am considering that Rev 3 race as well... Family in Ohio so killing 2 birds with one stone if I went to race... Except that I swore off traveling that far with Moana... So we'll see. But maybe we'll get to meet next September? Good stuff!

Jennifer P said...

Related but unrelated -- could you drop by my blog and send me an email? I'd like to hear more about your flu. It's a hot topic in my city and of course home.

DaisyDuc said...

Yeah, after Columbus this year I want to do it again next year! I can't wait to see a lot of you next year! Miss ya babe!