Saturday, October 10, 2009

22 weeks (almost) and still running...woot!

Whew. So, I've been a full-time working chick before. And then a full-time pregnant working chick. And finally, a full-time working mommy.

But I've never been a full-time working pregnant mommy before. And let me just say it is kickin' ma BUTT. I'm working on figuring out a few shortcuts here and there, but I must admit I'm a little worried about how I'll be able to keep up this pace for the next 4 months.


Good news is: I ran 3 miles today and felt fabulous. When I run, it reminds me that this large, puffy, wheezing state is not forever. And when I see my little Bug, then I remember why this is all worth it.
Bug enjoying a delicious dinosaur cookie during his 2nd birthday party.

Bad news is, my 5K was canceled for next weekend. BOO! I might try to find another one because I'd really like to do a race here just for the sake of being at a race. Plus, next weekend marks the anniversary of my awesome day at Columbus last year. Which just makes me happy. So I'd like to at least run 2.62 miles somewhere, and hopefully a bit more if I can.

In other news, I had to see my weight this past week. Because Bug was FLIPPING. OUT. at the pediatrician's for really no reason at all (he didn't even get any shots or anything!), so the only way we could weigh him was for me to hold him and then subtract my weight.

Ew. Once again, I already outweigh most of Rocky River High School's football team. Sigh.

I think my body is just bound and determined to grow large children. Healthy, which is good, but LARGE. Really hoping this one's not another 10 pounder, but so far it looks like I'm on that track.

In other news, I really wish I could wear pants with a zipper again.

However, I just hit the jackpot of all JACKPOTS at the Westlake kids resale today....I found a tall teacher who was due LAST February and looking to move most of her nice, professional-looking tops from her maternity wardrobe! SCORE! Most of it looks barely worn at all and I got some major steals. So, if me has to wear these big ol' clothes, at least I got a good deal on them.

More money to throw in the bank for race entries for next year. :)

Thinking about everyone racing Kona excited for my boy Tacky! Hope he and everyone else out there has fantabulous days.

The clock's about to strike 22 weeks here...Baby Z is quite the karate-master in there, and I'm hoping to continue running as long as I can. Perhaps I will actually be able to jog the Turkey Dash on Thanksgiving...? I figured I'd be walking by then but today felt so good that maybe I won't have to! Only time will tell!


Mnowac said...

Good job keeping up with the running Sara. I'm sure having so much on your plate is crazy tiring. Once again you are quite an inspiration!

Amy said...

Oh my goodness! Bug is already 2?!!??? Happy Birthday Bug

Lana said...

So glad you are doing well, Sara! And little Bug is sooo cute!! Hang in there!

Jennifer P said...

You look fantastic! And the little man is so so cute -- 2 already?! If you're still running now for sure you'll be able to run next month.