Tuesday, August 04, 2009

LONG overdue race report

All three girls: Madison, Ashley, and Brittney post-race--all triathletes! So proud of them!

So, life got in the way a bit this week, and I am very overdue on my race report from the Huntington Sprint Triathlon that my three girls did.

The good news is that my awesome buddy, aka Coach Eric, aka TriEricTri took care of a fantastic race report on our Evotri2 blog. Check it out!

To make a long story short, we are SO PROUD OF THESE GIRLS. They all finished, and all did so well. Brittney was the 8th OVERALL FEMALE (I do believe we have created a monster! We'll see her in the Olympics someday), Madison was 2nd in her age group, and Ashley displayed some SERIOUS Iron-Mental-Toughness after getting a flat halfway through the bike, then RIDING THE REST ON IT, and then still finishing despite super tired legs. We'll just call her Chrissie Wellington. :)

Oh, and I just checked results again...Brittney was the FASTEST FEMALE ON THE RUN. Her 20:58 5K beat EVERY. SINGLE. WOMAN. out there. Including the top three females! Very exciting. :)

SO...I'll just share my pics here. For the full report, go here.

It was so much fun to work with these girls, despite my almost-hurling and crazy fatigue, and I'm glad I can at least explain why now! I think all three of them have definitely caught the tri-bug.

Congratulations, ladies!

This is our own little version of the Monona Terrace...

And this is pretty much my backyard. I LOVE LOVE LOVE where I live! :)

Pre-race announcements

Brittney, Ashley, and Madison all ready to rock!

The awesome TriEric helps Ashley and Brittney with their bike adjustments

Brittney absolutely SMOKING the field with a blazing fast 5K and the win for both the 15-18 AG AND the 19-24 AG--and 8th overall!

Madison coming out of the water after a great swim!

Ashley looking confident and ready to go!

Madison and a few of her buddies show off their body marking!

Brittney and a former CC teammate at the start.

Again, I could not be prouder of these girls. They put in the miles, prepared, and dealt with what the day gave them. They all displayed a great deal of mental toughness and physical talent. Congratulations to our three triathletes!


Eric said...

In the one picture Brittney is looking at me like I'm telling her to pee on the bike.

Awesome pics Sista'

Rural Girl said...

and congratulations to you too! A proud moment.