Thursday, March 19, 2009

Too much of a good thing?

Is there such a thing as too much cyber-interaction?

I dunno...I have a blog and stuff, but for some reason I'm thinking I'm gonna pull my facebook account. Just a few things that have gotten me a bit worried. When I signed up a while back, I didn't know you could restrict privacy and all that jazz until after the fact. I guess the thing I like about here is I'm in charge, you know? Not so much a fan of not being in charge of, if I drop off the FB radar, don't be offended, K? I still got mad love for ya.

Plus, I just like to write. More than a sentence. So I'm sticking around here FO' SHO'.

Holy crap, I leave for New Orleans in 2 weeks.

And holy crap, I need to find a bike box. And figure out what to do with it. Fast.

Hoping to get one more ride outside before I A) find a bike box, B) figure out what to do with said box and C) send my bike somewhere. So, Saturday, if you're listening, 50 degrees or so would be splendid. K, thx.

Had a fantabulous swim yesterday. I wasn't sure how good I'd be since I haven't been to the pool much (story of my past few months--see, if it's not in my basement, it's hard to do), but I busted out my fastest 100 that I can remember for some time. Scwheet. Don't worry, it still wasn't THAT fast...but fast for me. For post-14-year-old-me, I should say. :)

Alright, so we need to figure out how much off the radar we're gonna drop, and all kinds of bike logistics, and squeezing in a few more rides and...uh...I'd better sign off here before I get all kinds of overwhelmed.

Happy Friday!


Jumper 2.0 said...

It's not the same thing is it? I miss all the blogging that some people aren't doing!

That being said, I do like the connections that I have made on facebook that would not otherwise have happened.

But facebook is the reason I blog so little now! Maybe I need to restrict my time.

And I'm really hating most facebook apps. They are mostly a waste of time.

Carolina John said...

i'm always surprised how people try to remain some anonymity on the blog but put everything out there on facebook. last names, kids names, whatever. i don't facebook because I don't want old "friends" to find me. they can google me like everyone else if they want to find me.