Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wheel Mooch

First, I made it! They made it! Yahoooooooooooo

Now, I get my mornings back, so I can fill them with more workouts. Sweet!

Went for a ride today with Aimee, TriEric's wife. She had 3 hours and I had 1:30 to do, so she rode over to my place and then we headed to the park from there. It was really fun and we had a great ride, despite me being a total wheel mooch.

Wheel Mooch: noun. One who clings frantically to the back wheel of a cyclist, holding on for dear life in the draft, while the aforementioned cyclist does all the work. See also, TriSaraTops. Commonly used: Wow, that TriSaraTops is a real wheel mooch.

When all was said and done, I managed just over 27 miles, which would be my farthest ride outside to date. Yay! Special thanks to Aimee for letting me tag along, and for not minding my total wheel-moochness.

I definitely notice that my hill ability has pretty much gone down to nil, although it's slowly getting better. Apparently, pregnancy blood-doping doesn't work for me cycling hills like it does running. Boo. What this means, is that I really just need to head into the valley, by myself to avoid all humiliation, and just climb up some hills in my granny gear until I get better. It will feel a little bit like this:

"Thank you sir, may I have another?"--Kevin Bacon in Animal House, and TriSaraTops getting spanked as she granny gears up a hill

But, alas, it must be done.

Having a few buddies over for some s'mores tonight--yum-o! First of the season. A great way to celebrate no more AP test (until next year)! Tomorrow will be my last long run...8 or 9 miles, with 3 at race pace. I can't believe next week will be the race! Then it's REALLY time to hit the hills and pool, which times up nicely with me getting my life back after Friday's test. Woot!

I just love May. Minus the allergies, of course. But that's a minor detail. :)


Taconite Boy said...

LOL at the definition of Wheel Mooch.


Tac went out with the local tri club Wed. night.

Wheel Mooch (big time)

Kevin said...

Wow, I definitely fit that definition for a wheel mooch. Great job on the ride. Have a great run tommorow

tri-mama said...

...and another and another. I'm in your hill climbing boat, and will be out hitting them this week- but if Trisaratops can do can I :-)

Michele said...

I am too chicken to be a wheel mooch so I just get left in the dust.

triguyjt said...

I think you should at least print some tee shirts....

I am a wheel mooch!!

National Wheel Mooch Association Spokesperson..(couldnt resist)

JenC said...

You can wheel mooch me anytime!

Happy Mother's Day! I missed you this morning.

SimplyStu said...

Wheel Mooch! That's why I ride alone!

TriShannon said...

I have to wheel mooch my butt off just to hang on the back of the pack with the EPC group. Sometimes you just need it to survive. I balance it out with lots of solo rides! :-)

See you soon!!!!!

Rae said...

I just love Kevin Bacon. Love him, love him, love him.

Good luck in Cleveland this weekend! You're going to do GREAT!