Saturday, November 17, 2007

Let's Not Get Ahead of Ourselves

Reasons to do a little jig:

1. I can wear my old jeans...WITH a Bella Band, and it is not pretty. I basically have all muffin top to still lose. BUT--I can get in them and wear them if I chose, and the last time I tried 3 weeks ago there was NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO way. So yay!

2. The scale didn't budge for the first time this week...boooo...but I can do a little jig because of the above, and because a few other things are fitting better. So apparently things are "rearranging."

3. Yesterday, during my 2nd time in the pool since JayZ, I swam 100 yards in under 1:30. My jaw about hit the bottom of the pool. The other 3 100s I did totally blew, but it was a nice little boost for a second!

4. I got a HAWT little Brooks Hoodie Number at my fave local running store. I had a gift certificate from my birthday and had been saving it until I could actually run again. Yahoo! It's officially my comeback shirt.

5. The Buckeyes pulled it off today, and I totally did not expect them to.

Now, why I should NOT do a little jig:

1. Trying on those cute little running skirts on clearance at said local running store is a HORRIBLE IDEA when you've still got 20 pounds or so of muffin top to lose. HORRIBLE. WE'll definitely have to wait a few months for that. Ew.


Jennifer P said...

Comeback clothes are the best. And at this rate you'll be in tiny running skirts in no time. Fantastic work. And 1:30 in the pool! Fantastic

Coach Tammy said...

*does the jig for TriSaraTops*

Throw the scale out. Scales bad, jean test good. :)

TriShannon said...

I was wondering who JayZ was cheering for. I hope Ohio State! He is just going to have to learn that his dad is wrong for liking Michigan. :)

tri-mama said...

Yea!!! Life like before...but better with little Jay Z

Lana said...

YAY!!! I'll do the jig with ya! Looking forward to watching the comeback!!

Steve Stenzel said...

Muffin top....MMMMMM....yummy.....

Oh, you're talking about a different kind... good luck with yours!

Kurt said...

Your still just getting over the baby. Give it time it will come off.

Ohio St sucks. UNC rules and blog baby Z agrees with me on this!

Rice said...

I got some sympathy weight for ya.. I had to undo my belt two notches since starting this office job and the top of my pants is starting to over lap my belt.. I'm not so happy about this.. but i had it coming..



Wil said...

God Steve's gross. Steve, you're gross ;) BUT, yay for you! Better wait for me at the Chi-town mary finish line sis!

Cara said...

Wow, you can wear your old jeans?? Way to go!! I haven't tried in a couple weeks, but then even with the bella band it wasn't pretty.

I actually just bought a running skirt as a comeback gift to myself-- got it online and it is now buried in a drawer until spring when I'll hopefully be able to wear it.

Cliff Tam said...


A very belated congrats on you being a mom :)

I went through the old post and your kid is very cute. U still swim faster than me..if that will make u feel any better :D