Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Why, surrounded by muck and humidity, I am the luckiest girl alive

August 7--our third anniversary.

I awake to hear storms. I love storms. I lay in bed until almost 10 listening to storms.

I come downstairs to see a note from Matt to block out 12-2 for lunch. How sweet, I think, so I call him.

"I'm at my parents. They're flooded. Are we?"

Uh oh. I don't know.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah. Really flooded.


Not too much standing water, but sopping everywhere. Matt comes home with his dad and tries to clean up. I can't really do anything and feel useless yet again.

Noon comes. I figure lunch is out. It's not. Matt tells me to get in the car so I do.

We pick up sandwiches. We go to a little gazebo where we got our wedding pictures taken. Matt unloads card table and chairs, CD player, and sparkling grape juice. We have a nice lunch under the gazebo and he made a mix CD of songs like Ice Cream (Sarah MacLachlan---our first dance, because we love our ice cream), I Wanna Grow Old With You (from the Wedding Singer) and Brown Eyed Girl. He. Just. Rocks.

Then we go back to the insanity and try to clean up the muck. I, still feeling useless, decide to take the ruined laundry that was already done and folded in a basket in the floor to my parents to redo it. When I open my trunk, a screw pops out. "Hmm," methinks. "Wonder what this screw's for." I put it in the trunk.

Laundry is done. Go to the car. Trunk won't pop.



Try not to cry. Go home. Too tired to make dinner and too hot. We order wings (ew--but he loves them), some fries, and a soft pretzel from local pub. I pick it up. We eat it on our china in the living room. Yes, we ate WINGS AND FRIES on our china. Sweet. I only ate a few fries because I was too not hungry to eat anything.

We exchange gifts and his card makes me cry, because he wrote a funny poem in it like he always does.

Then, we commence cleaning. He primes and paints the shower area. I use a steam cleaner on the carpet, dumping buckets and buckets of muck out. I feel like I'm getting nowhere.

Man, it's hot down here.

Check thermostat: AC is running....with warm air.

AC is now broken.

TriSaraTops starts crying.

I'm hot and tired and the electrician won't even call me back anymore and it's been a month and what does it take to get a freaking electrician to follow up after a month? and I can't take this humidity and someone better come tomorrow and fix our AC because it's a heat wave and our basement is still mucky and I look at the yellow pages and we can't afford this crap right now and I cry.

He makes me laugh again and of course, he's right, there's nothing we can do now...it's 12:30am. And I just looked in the nursery because he told me to and he put together our bouncy seat. I start laughing hysterically while I'm crying.

So now it's time for bed. And I know that this is going to be a funny anniversary someday. And one thing's for certain.

I married the most amazing man on earth.


Eric said...

Yeah Matt. How awesome despite such a crappy day. Think of it as an Ironman type of day with several highs and lows.

Hope the cleanup goes better and things start getting fixed up.

Happy Anniversary

Andy said...

Let's hope my finace can say that about me three years from next May! ;)

I am glad you had a great anniversary, despite all that happened.

I am sorry that I passed the broken trunk thing to you. Mine was broken over the weekend, and now I fixed it. I am waiting for the key lock tumbler to come in so that I can install that.


E-Speed said...

awwe happy anniversary sweetie. sorry your house is muggy and wet. If we didn't have kitties you could crash with us until it was all over.

JenC said...

Way to make lemonade out of lemons! I'm sorry you had to go through all of that. Stupid torrential rain!

Happy Anniversary!

Wes said...

Happy Anniversary T! You guys are great!!!

greyhound said...

Be sure you tell HIM that, and keep on telling him. We guys are not nearly so tuff as we act. Give a guy that type of validation in regular doses, and you'll receive that anniversary treatment all the year through.

Carrie said...

An amazing man who is obviously going to make an amazing father. Keep smiling.

jkrunning said...

awww. So sweet..

Kim said...


what a great guy matt is! im so glad he was able to show you the humor despite all the unfortunate circumstances!

hope today is a bit better :)

Try@thlete said...

Ours are a day's difference - Happy anniversary!

Yes, he sounds great!

Siren said...

Aw sweetie, I'm sorry you had such a crappy day. (I flooded once, I know what a pain it is to clean up.) But at least the crappy stuff is short term and the amazing man you married is forever!

Pharmie said...

OK - pretty much the sweetest post ever. Someday it'll be one to laugh at for sure:)

bbieberitz said...

Really puts things in perspective. No matter how bad a days is, there is always a reason to look forward to tomorrow. Keep your head up for the big prize in the future.

DaisyDuc said...

Aghh, how totally sweet of Matt!!!

Even in the midst of so much crap, he still makes every effort to make my girl happy!!! He does rock!!!

Happy anniversary and hope everything gets situated for you soon!

Lana said...

Awe, that is so sweet. So sorry about your house...but hey, you've sure got a keeper of a husband.

Happy Anniversary!

Kristen said...

Thought you'd appreciate this video: Love your blog by the way.