Monday, August 13, 2007

Where did THAT come from?

So, today, I swam a mile.

That's not really a big deal...but the big deal is that I DID IT WITHOUT STOPPING ONCE!!!

Where did this newfound lung capacity in the water come? I can assure you I don't have it on land, and this baby hasn't dropped yet....

Pretty sweet!

Bad news is, that even my Big Girl Swimsuit is getting too small. You know it's bad when you can't tell if the bottoms have a front or a back. It just looks like one big black lycra granny panty. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I miss my old body.

Oh well...home stretch here, home stretch....Baby Z loves to swim, and that's good, because that's about all I can do at this point. Even walking is presenting its own challenges. I walked too far the other day and had to call Matt to pick me up. So. Sad. I wonder if I'll ever be able to run fast again! Good thing I have some awesome tri mom buddies who are showing me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Riddle me this: why are my legs really skinny but my fingers too sausage-like for my rings? Seriously. I think my ring finger is the size of my ankle. I thought your ankles were supposed to swell up?!?!


Two more weeks of freedom...I kind of want to get the show on the road already, as we go back extra late this year, which stinks...because that means a June 11 end date instead of June 4. Boo. I like to get started early and get out early...more time for training.


Very behind on blogs, and probably will be for a while...helping a few friends get through some rough times this week, and still dealing with our poopypants basement.

Slow, continuous mile swimmer, signing out!


jessie said...

You found the magic pill! I absolutely adored swimming while pregnant - slow and steady was the best, easier than stopping or doing sets. And yes, it was much easier than walking in those last couple months.

Btw, swimming does wonders to puffy ankles, probably why you don't have them. Keep it up!

Wes said...

You DNFed on a walk? LOL. Yea, we need to download baby Z soon :-)

jbmmommy said...

Nice job on the swim, I was so disappointed that our pool closed for the summer. And don't worry about having a tough time with walking, I guarantee you'll be back running in no time after Baby Z arrives.

My fingers always swell, too. Good luck, you're getting close!

bbieberitz said...

maybe the extra flotation raised your hip above the waterline which that alone would make you more efficent, thus faster?

TriShannon said...

Matt must be getting such a kick out of this... some Ironman you are. He, he. :)

I bet the swimming is doing wonders for keeping you in shape. You will bounce back in no time!

Kim said...

does do a grab bag for preggo ladies? :) congrats on a great mile swim!

TriSonq said...

Too funny that you got stuck on your walk. I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time ;)

Being a woman is way too difficult!

xt4 said...

That was hilarious.

DNFing a walk also is hilarious.

Calling it a DNF'd walk is hiliarous (wes).

Just a big pot a pregnant, granny-pantied hilarity up in heah. Good stuff.

Mallie said...

I couldn't swim a mile nonstop if you paid me!!! See how fit and fantastic you are!

DaisyDuc said...

Seriously chick, that is quite a feat! You are staying in fantastic shape and are killing me about your swim suit and fingers.

You will be back to your ole self in no time!!!

jkrunning said...

Your lucky that your ankles don't well. I remember when I was 7 months along with my first daughter. I woke up one morning and NO shoes fit. I had to wait in the car while my hubby ran into payless to buy me some flipflops.

Fe-lady said...

You are complaining that your ankles are skinny? Most pregnant women would want to kill you right now! Congrats on the swim! You WILL get your old body back....faster than most I bet!

Tri-Geek Kahuna said...

OK, first, you need some pics to illustrate this post.

second, mrs. kahuna gained more than 50 pounds in each of her four pregnancies and bounced back each time no problem.


Jennifer P said...

My hands were gross. All of me was gross. Jessie is right, swimming is the best.
So glad I don't have to look at the Baby Ruth when I open up your blog now!

Steve S. said...

Oh come on, you'll be a super speedy runner in no time once this baby crawls out of you. That reminds me of a "Malcom in the Middle" episode when Lois is giving birth at home and tells Francis "Put your hands inside of Mommy and pull out this baby!" Good stuff...

Lana said...

Great job on the swim!!

As far as skinny legs and big fingers - I can't answer that one. But I can say that I think I might have preferred that over what happened to me - everything above the baby stayed the same...everything below the baby swelled up like, gosh I can't even think of anything to compare it too. Trust me though, you'll get the old body back!