Tuesday, January 17, 2006

there's a gnome in my room

That's the only logical explanation for why I set my alarm last night for 5:15am and I laid in bed waiting for it to go off, only to find out it was 6:27. Huh???? How the heck did that happen? It was TURNED OFF! Arg.

Actually, this probably works out better...it will make for a later dinner tonight, but I will just bump my tempo run from Thursday to today, after I review with my freshman for their midterm. Then I can swim on Thursday and Friday, when (due to midterms) I don't need to be at school until 9. I probably needed the sleep, too, as my throat is still a bit scratchy and I was SO FIRED UP after watching 24 last night that I had a hard time falling asleep!!! So perhaps the gnome is onto something.....

I think that 24 stresses me out too much. I can't fall asleep after watching it. My new plan is to tape it and watch it on my long trainer rides. But can I really make it to the weekend without knowing what happens? Agh!! I fricken love that show. I can honestly tell you that aside from Sportscenter, it's the only show I really tune in to watch. Reality TV makes me dumber and I can feel the brain cells leaving my cerebral cortex, so I don't watch any of that. (My apologies to anyone who loves "Skating with Celebrities" or other said crap)

I'm thinking about doing the Steelhead Half-IM on August 5 instead of the Century Ride I was going to do on the 29th. I didn't think I'd be able to do a half close enough, but not too close, to IM MOO due to weekend conflicts...but this one would work out. Is it better for me to do a century ride with some hills OR a HIM about 6-8 weeks before the big day? I'm a weak biker so initially I thought it would be better for me to do the century.....but perhaps I should do this HIM since I've only done one....and I could treat it as practice.

Any thoughts?





Joseph Vinciquerra said...

I've always thought it was my dog who learned how to turn my alarm clock off. Seems missing that 5:00 wake-up call happens to all of us from time to time!

There's no bigger fan of "24" than I. But I cannot watch tv at night, especially anything where Jack Bauer is concerned, if I expect to get up and swim the next day (other than the aforementioned gnomes and dogs efforts to sabatoge). So I have all the "24" seasons on DVD and watch them during the week while training.

The only problem? Every episode is really only 44 minutes without commercials which, if you extrapolate, means that Jack only has 17.6 hours in his days.

And we thought we triathletes/working professionals had it tough? ;-)

Oh, btw, do the HIM instead of the century.

Curly Su said...

yoyo. i'll do steelhead with you if you want...could even ride out together or some other such nonsense.

but, if you decide on the century, i'll understand. i'm a weak biker too, so i see your logic...

Eric said...

Bueller can't answer right now since he's out "sick"

I skipped workout this morning because the body told me so.

Not a fan of "24", sorry.

I'd do the Half IM for practice, especially if the course is like IM MOO.

Cliff said...

Sara, no suggestion on your predictament. I hope you will work it out.

So you gotta one of those clock gnome. I got one too. Or two.

A Cloud's Yin said...

Half IM! Just my opinion. :) Happy training, hun!

Chad Austin said...

Sara, IM Moo is all about the bike so I vote for the century ride.

As for 24, I watched the first season, but have stayed away since. It's just way too unrealistic for me. Just my wife telling me about this season drives me crazy. Last night she said within 2 minutes of the president being assassinated, "everyone" knew about it.

Chris said...

I, too, vote for the century. The 1/2 would be more fun, but I think the century would be better for your quest for a successful day at Wisconsin.

Or would it be possible to squeeze in another longish ride that week (say 80 miles or so) and still squeeze in the race?

Susan said...

oh, i think 1/2 im sounds like more fun!!!

TryAthlete said...

Oh well. Could have been worse. Lying in bed thinking it's 5:15 when it's 8:15 and a classful of students waiting for you.

I don't think it's 24 that stresses you out too much. I think you're too amped before it even starts! And Sportscenter - ha! Who would have guessed it!

1/2 IM sounds like fun, but I agree with Zeke and think the century ride would be the best practice for the IM. After all, on the IM course, over half the time is on the bike, so it might be worthwhile doing the ride for the practice.

Scott said...

Right with you on the subject of (un)reality TV. I used to work for a Judge who couldn't stop herself from telling me all about Big Brother as we were going into Court... ahhh... yes, Your Honour, I'm sure Bitsy or Toby or Jack really deserved to get kicked out or off.. or .. whatever..

But OMG, Skating With Celebrities? A new low? I think that it will be just like the train wreck that you know you really shouldn't look at.. but you do anyway cause you simply can't help it.

qcmier said...

How about two century rides on consecutive weekends?

Sweet Corn on 7/29 then RENT (Rainbow Emerald Necklace Tour) on 8/5. I am crazy enough that I might attempt this.

What will benefit you more? Besides can you really show up to a race and mentally think of it as "practice?" I know I have a hard time doing that.

Just my $0.02.

Jennifer P said...

Oh no! There needs to be a spoiler alert on your blog! I love 24 and it's been hard to not watch it week to week (we resist the urge and wait for it to come out on DVD). Our house grinds to a halt whenever the new seasons come out.
I vote for the century. Better prep for IMOO.