Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Minus 50

So less than 48 hours after it was too hot for me to finish a marathon, I woke up to this:


I mean....I....what the...

There are no words.

Except, of course, that clearly that was NOT meant to be my day. 

Have a rotten cold at the moment--might be the 50 degree temperature swing in the past two days--but I'm trying to regroup and psych myself up to do this again--for real this time.

I'm very excited that Spring Break starts on Friday and I get to head to TN next week for some much needed fun and training with my Evotri teammates.  Oh, and a long run, too, I guess.  I'm gonna need to con them into that somehow.  Maybe I can break it up a bit and they can each take an hour?  Maybe I can promise them lots of beer?

Trying to keep the chin up over here.  Been a rough week, and not just with this race.  But I know that all this work wasn't wasted.  There's still a good engine in here.  I just need to get the chance to let it work.

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Robyn said...

I just read your race report. ARGH on the weather. I DNF'd my 50 miler this weekend at 33 miles, also for weather reasons (thunderstorm leading to hypothermia). So frustrating when all the training comes down to one day, and something you can't control screws it all up.

Let me say it in case you're wondering (and I bet you are): YOU WERE SMART TO STOP. This was not your race. You will have you race. This was not it. You are in awesome marathon shape. Your heart and legs and mind are ready.

I say that because even when it's 100% totally obvious that stopping was the right thing to do, once you cool off/warm up/stop hurting a few days later, you begin to wonder. I know I am doing some wondering.

It's been a rough week here too. Don't know about you, but I think I used up all my reserves of goodwill and mental resilience out on the course. Thank goodness for patient spouses and coworkers, because I'm pretty sure I haven't been a great person to live with or work with this week.

Hugs to you. Your race is coming.