Sunday, December 09, 2012

Ridiculously Grateful and Stuff

So I've been having one of those weekends (last weekend was like this, too) where I've been so lucky to be surrounded by good friends and family and lots of fun stuff.  It's been really busy, but also really awesome.  Work has been challenging and also insanely busy, yet really fulfilling.  I know I am very lucky and blessed to have a job that both challenges me and one that I really do enjoy.

So I'm feeling a bit like a cheesy sap lately.  Aw, shucks.

Last weekend, I had my super fun race followed by pancakes with friends, and then on Sunday I headed to a baby shower for a tri buddy and got lots of great time with some awesome girls.

Some of the coolest--not to mention fastest!--chicks I know
I feel like now that life has settled in I've done a better job of getting out and being social.  Last year I was sort of in survival mode and I think I sacrificed girl time quite a bit, and that's just no good.  No good at all.  I really am a fun person if I can get out!  HA! So I've been really enjoying hanging out with some fabulous ladies and meeting some new ones, too.

This weekend, I had a date night with Matt on Friday where we went to Michael Symon's local place, B Spot, and I ate myself silly.  I got a big fat cheeseburger, some amazing Lola fries (seasoned with rosemary....pure heaven) and a nice fat beer.  It was delicious and worth every single calorie.

Then, we went to go see this, FINALLY:

Not only do I not risk losing my APUSH Teacher Card after having two weeks go by before I see it, but it was AMAZING.  If Daniel Day-Lewis does NOT get an Oscar for this, there's something seriously wrong with the universe.

Yesterday we had Breakfast with Santa, to which the five year old was still not *quite* sure about the big guy, but Little Bean LOVE!LOVE!LOVES! Santa:

No fear, whatsoever
Bug isn't entirely sure, and Bean's Santa's BFF
Then last night, we got to head to a friend's party where Santa made yet ANOTHER appearance!  This time, Bug warmed up a little bit and actually (for the first time ever, I think) sat on Santa's lap:

Heading to the Cleveland Triathlon Club Winter Banquet tonight to see a few more cool tri peeps!  So this will round out the weekend quite nicely.  While Matt's at the Browns/Chief's game, I'm going to head to a friend's house to do a combined playdate/make a meal for our new Mommy friend Karen who just had baby #3--a little girl!  Yay!  

Somehow in there managed to squeeze in a good run with Ana, a good solid trainer session in the basement, and a swim in which I even busted out a few 100s with a halfway respectable time.  Oh, yeah, and one more thing....

...I'm down 9.5 pounds.  


So I'm feeling pretty good and pretty excited for the tri season!  This whole "train-like-a-triathlete" thing is making me pretty happy.  I didn't realize that running less might be the key to having more fun with workouts.  Further proof that I do, in fact, have "exercise-induced ADD" and that I am a triathlete at heart, fo' sho'.  

Getting pretty stoked already for the Evotri trip to Chattanooga in April and Rev3 next year!  

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