Friday, December 14, 2012

An Early Christmas Gift!

Okay, so I am officially really really excited!

I found out that due to a rather lucky break, I qualified for the USAT Age Group Nationals next year!
Um, yeah, I didn't believe it at first, either
How excited was I? So excited that I seriously thought it was a scam and asked Coach Emily if it was for realz.

Me? Really?  

Turns out I qualified at Vermilion...and I had no idea that the race was even a qualifier!  Shows you how clueless I am.  Even though my age group was REALLY small, I won it, so I lucked out and got myself a spot!  So, I understand that part of this is selling their race and all, but for someone like me who doesn't get out much and races mostly small and local, I think it sounds pretty fun. Now, operation "Don't Finish DFL" will be in full effect.  Because, as long as I can get in on registration day, I am totally going!  Driveable?  How can I pass this up?

I never qualify for anything except free shipping!

What totally sealed the deal was that my teammate, the super awesome Rural Girl, will also be heading up, so it's going to be EPIC.  Unfortunately, it's the same weekend as the Dells, so I won't be able to see my other Wisconsin Homies.  But Michelle and I will still REPRESENT, yo.  

I know it's a little silly, but I'm kind of ridiculously excited about this.  Yippee!

Provided the world doesn't end next week, 2013 is gonna be pretty awesome.


Jeremy said...

Congrats! Its a fast race, I'm sure you'll love it!

Christi said...


TriEric said...

Awesome. I got my invitation based upon my Vermilion results also. With IM MOO on the schedule though I probably won't be going.

Sure wish I could join ya....or can I?

Marv said...

I qualified too and like you didn't realize I did a qualifier event. Howevery, I was the ONLY one in my age group..Did I get excited that I actually qualified for something - even though? You bet.

Carolina John said...

Very cool! I tried to qualify back in august, but missed it by 6 minutes. So close! Congrats!