Sunday, September 02, 2012

Bittersweet BOB ByeBye

So tonight, I passed along the torch of my bright yellow BOB stroller to my friend's little sister.  I say little sister like I'm 12 and she's 10 still.  But, nonetheless, she's a super awesome runner Crossfit chick and, like me, cannot WAIT to start running again. She asked me for some advice on jogging strollers and I told her I'm about ready to put mine up on Craigslist and would she like a look? and she was all YES YES I WILL TAKE IT YES CAN I RUN YET?

So today we made the transfer.

She was in town for her shower in an adorable striped dress and with a big glowing smile on her face.  And my two kids were covered in cheerios and black raspberry ice cream and sweat, barefoot in the grass and running all over showing off for her.

You guys, the day I found out I was pregnant--seriously, that DAY--I started researching these strollers.  Not cribs.  Or carseats.

Running strollers.

It was the first thing I bought.  The very first thing.

And as both my kids tried to tell me that I needed to keep it today (love it--no one will sit in it for over a year until today) and part of me wanted to keep it, I was reminded we have a good second-hand double that Bean and her Woody doll from Toy Story ride in sometimes, and that if I have to run with 80 pounds of kid while negotiating, I'd rather just wait until Matt gets home or get up earlier.  But I'll never forget this:

March, 2008:  Our first run with Bug.  Note the socks on his hands since it was chilly.

April, 2010.  One of my first runs on the circle path up near the lake.  Little Bean just woke up.

Summer, 2010.  The last time I could get him to actually sit in it for more than 30 seconds.  All tuckered out after 3 miles (I didn't want to push my luck)

And when he woke up

So as I watched them eating dinner and told Matt how I was a little sad, because it was the first thing, the VERY first thing I bought, and then I got all teary and choked up.  And at that very moment, Bug said, "Mama, maybe next year I can get a wristband so I can swim in the deep! Like you!" and then I realized that it's going to be just fine, even if I'm not pushing my trusty yellow BOB anymore.  

And that's the funny thing about this whole parenting ride I'm on.  Just when I think it can't get better and I think about how amazing it was back then, I'm reminded of how it does, indeed, keep getting better and better and even more amazing somehow.  

Because now? Spiderman sometimes is in my house.  And that's pretty cool.

May the BOB bring the new BabyGirl as many sleepy miles and her mama happy miles as it did for this running mama.


Holly said...

This takes me back! I sold my red double BOB SUS on craigslist a couple years ago and cried as the nice couple and their little girls drove away with it. So many memories and so many miles with my boys--to the beach, in the snow, by the lake, to the playground. I'm glad to have them run with me now and then, but still cherish all the good times in the old stroller. And yes, they wanted to get into it the day we sold it.

Carolina John said...

It's tough to let go of things like that! But the kids keep getting older and it is wise to move on. Glad your sis will get to enjoy it!