Tuesday, December 06, 2011

TST Playlist: 1/100

I love reading some of my friend's music picks of the week, and I thought I'd throw up one of mine every week or so.  I've always always always loved music--pretty much every kind, except country.  I'm sorry, country fans.  I really am.  With the exception of the year I lived in Cincinnati, I have not ever nor do I plan on ever listening to country music.  We'll have to agree to disagree on that one.

One of my besties from college, Mindy, was so awesome at making "mixes."  Of course, back then, they were actual mix tapes.  Because iPods weren't invented yet and mp3s were barely even in existence and YES I'M OLD OKAY SO THERE.

Regardless, she was Mix Master Mynd.  And even today, whenever I am lucky enough to see her, she always has a new mix for me, all ready to go.

So I'm going to start now on a journey from 1-100 on my TST Playlist.  We'll start with a little song that came on the iPod when I was running tonight and even though it's old, I was surprised at how much it made me want to kick so much butt.  I picked up my pace just a little bit, and was able to ride out my high from Saturday's race a little while longer.  This song will be one of those that forever will take me back to age 16, when I felt like I could seriously BE a character on My So Called Life, when I floated between cliques like a chameleon--never quite feeling at home in any particular one, the sound of the slamming of lockers and the taste of fountain Diet Cokes from McDonalds, and the feeling of wondering where I was heading next.


Carolina John said...

You're old? I was in college when that song came out. Never even heard of an mp3 player then.

E-Speed said...

Yay for weekly music! My roommate in college was a huge smashing pumpkins fan too.

E-Speed said...

PS. and I completely agree, I love pretty much everything except country! (Though there was that one year in 8th grade)

Janet Edwards said...

A Smashing Pumpkins choice seems appropriate as I think when we met at the RYLA camp that we listened to Today like a million times and some Nirvana of course!

Janet Edwards said...

Oh yeah...and no country music love here either from this country girl!