Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Vacation up in HEEERRRREEE

I am sooooo excited!

And tired.  OMG, very, very tired.

We finished school yesterday (finally!) and today was my first day off.  Which was awesome, except that I had a *bit* of work piled up that I've been putting off for, oh, a month or so.  And, uh, Santa's workshop had NOTHING wrapped.  Nada.  And, like, Christmas is in 3 days.

It'll get done somehow, right?  Santa always gets it all done.

(I could use a few of his elves, though)

Currently I am sitting on my couch with a snoring puggy on my lap watching....wait for it...Beavis and Butthead.
Shut up, Bunghole.
Yeah, I said it.

I am a HUGE fan of this show.  Even more so now, since they rip on music videos AND MTV shows.  Seriously.  Laughing HARD.

I really need to text Ana and we have GOT to hit the trails, like, at least ONCE before the Run for Regis half marathon.  Or we're both in big, big trouble.  We'll still do it, of course, but it won't be pretty!  It probably won't be pretty with just one trail run before anyway, but what can you do.  At least I can pretend I trained on trails.  The point of that race, for me, is to have a hella good time running through snow with friends.  It's hard to mess up that goal.

I have been hitting some spin classes to mix things up a bit at this great studio near me, Psycle.  My buddy Dani is an instructor and I just love the vibe there.  Tomorrow is a Christmas themed class and I'm pretty excited!  (Nerd alert.)

My goal this vacation is to actually SWIM!  IN WATER!  WITH GOGGLES!  I think I can make it happen.  I'm looking forward to getting back in the triathlon routine pretty soon.  I'm still working on when to swim but I may have a new buddy to rope into evening swims...(Shannon, you out there?!)  The only thing left to do is to pull the trigger and sign up for Rev3.  As soon as I get the finances in order, I'm going for it.

2010's race was super awesome, being that I did it 6 months after Baby Bean was born and had as good of a day as I did.  I feel like in Rev3 version 2012, though, I need to step it up big time.  5:44 can and will be--yeah, I'm saying it--SHATTERED.

By how much?

Yet to be determined.  I'm still thinking about it.  Lots of variables at play, so I'll make some difficult yet attainable goals soon.  But I'm definitely going to go hard.  I've got high expectations.

(You know.  Because I'm the kind of person who sits on her couch and watches Beavis and Butthead when she really should be doing more responsible things.  Uh, huh huh.  Huh huh huh.)

All kidding aside...I am so, so excited for Christmas and to watch it through the eyes of my four year old Bug, who is so full of magic right now that I can hardly stand it.
Christmas is pretty amazing this year, mostly because of this guy
2012 will bring a new member to Team Evotri, our team training camp in April (ack!  the epic awesomeness of that is blowing my feeble little mind right now), and lots of races for me, with the big one being in September.  

Feels like Christmas is here already!
My sweet Emmy Bean making a tree with her buddy A and A's mommy
Emmy with Adalyn--the daughter of my best friend since 1981
BFFs E and Bug at our Polar Express Movie night, wearing the same PJs, being goofballs.  E's daddy and Bug's daddy have been best friends since they were in kindergarten.
Matt and E's daddy, BFFs, with some amazing women's Christmas sweaters on.
Happy holidays to you and yours, and cheers for a happy, healthy, tri-filled 2012!


Carolina John said...

Have a great Christmas Sara! You better get back in that pool. I want to be chasing you in april.

Karen said...

Holla for Christmas vacation! Beavis and Butthead are back on? I am going to have to check that out... Have a great Christmas!

Beth said...

Ha, my santa's workshop only contains half te presents it should so far and none are wrapped. Last minute FTW!

Merry Christmas!

Janet Edwards said...

First- OHHH I cannot believe I still find Beavis and Butthead as hilariously funny as I used to! Only problem is when sh!t they say randomly inappropriately pops into my mind and I repeat it out loud!

Second- YEAH, excited you will be out at Run For Regis too!!!

Third- Those Christmas sweaters ROCK!