Monday, November 09, 2009


Reasons why today rocked:

1. I finished grading all my DBQs. In case you're wondering, the grand total was just shy of 8 hours. EIGHT. HOURS. Sheesh.

2. I won 3 nice Gap Maternity Sweaters and 2 cute tops for work on eBay in 2 separate bidding wars. Because I'm awesome like that. Got a super good deal on all of them. Sweet!

3. The little bean let me have the BEST! RUN! EVER! this afternoon. Well, best run while pregnant, we should say. Whereas I had to take lots of walk breaks yesterday, today I was just smokin' along at my blazing 12-13 minute pace! Yahooooooooooo! (Okay, it felt fast. Work with me.) I ran to the library, peed, took 3 sips of water in the drinking fountain, and ran home. It was FABULOUS!

4. Bug and I played a game of hide and seek today and he was laughing hysterically every time I jumped out and yelled "BOO!" It pretty much rocked. It was 70 degrees again here so we took full advantage.

4. Just got home from prenatal yoga and now I'm all relaxed and chill. Time for a shower and bed, after my required reading of What to Expect when You're Expected. I seriously laugh out loud when I'm reading it. Written by a writer on the Daily Show and Colbert Report. You're in for a treat, I promise.

I wish every day could be as rockin' as this Monday was!


Wes said...

rock-in and Monday is not something we oft see together :-)

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice work!! Glad you had a great day! Only... you STOP to pee?... ;)

Mama Simmons said...

Oh I'm dreading the day when I feel like I have to pee the whole time I'm running. I remember that from last time and it's not fun.

Thanks for the book title! I love The Daily Show so I look forward to checking that out! :)

Jane said...

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