Sunday, November 01, 2009

Taking Inventory

Stuff I really miss now that I'm pregnant:

1. A nice cold beer during a football game.

2. A nice cold beer during a bonfire.

3. A nice glass of wine with dinner.

4. Full-strength coffee.

5. Yummy cold cuts that are actually cold.

6. Not having to roll out of bed to get up in the morning.

7. A nice, hard, tempo run.

8. Going 20+ mph down the road on my bike.

9. My rear end being it's usual size.

10. Not having thunder thighs.

11. Having normal sized shirts.

12. Being able to paint my own toenails without any trouble.

13. Two words: ALLERGY MEDICINE.

Things that make it all worth it:

1. My healthy baby.

2. My Bug learning new words every day.

3. Kisses and hugs and thinking about having double of all of them.

4. Knowing with 100% certainty that I will be able to swim, bike, and run again, and probably faster.

5. All of this:


Mike said...

Great pictures!

Jacqi said...

I'm right there with you! I just blogged today that I feel like I forgot what it feels like to run. I have 2 weeks or less and ready to get moving again! (And hopefully faster too!)

Siren said...

OMG, and I thought it wasn't possible for you to be any more beautiful than you already were! Pregnancy certainly seems to agree with you! And love the bump's Halloween costume : )

Rural Girl said...

I am happy for you!

DaisyDuc said...

Gorgeous pics! I can imagine that you must miss stuff! You look great despite it all!

greyhound said...

Bug is such a handsome little man!

But, you know, I've never been pregnant and I still have to roll out of bed. Inertia holds me sumpi'n fierce.