Friday, January 23, 2009

I am the sweatiest human being ALIVE.

So last night I went to a 2 hour, triathlon-geared spin class that we are lucky enough to have right down the street from where I live. It's run by an awesome guy in my triathlon club, and I thought it would be a great way to get a long ride in since the 1:45s on my trainer in the basement MAKE ME WANT TO BANG MY HEAD AGAINST THE WALL. Plus, by doing my longer ride Thursday night, I can do shorter stuff on the weekend and have more time with my boys.

Holy. Smokes.

I was once again reminded that I have an ABNORMALLY HIGH, HOMO-SAPIEN DEFYING SWEAT RATE. Like, I can't even begin to tell you. I was absolutely disgusting. I filled up my towel within the first hour, and pretty much sweat after I got home until at least 10pm. Note to self:

1. You NASTY.

2. You need more than 1 water bottle for this class. What crack were you smoking when you thought bringing one was enough?

3. You need to bring a complete change of clothes, as soaking through your zip-up AND your vest almost made Matt back away to the other side of the kitchen upon arrival.

4. This workout was AWESOME, and you need to be there weekly to help you get ready for IM New Orleans 70.3, which is fast approaching 8 weeks away.

We did something like this:

20 minutes warm up
a bunch of cadence work: 2 sets of something like 1 minute at 120, 1 minute EZ, 4 minutes at 110, 1 minute EZ, 6 minutes at 100, 1 minute EZ
some other stuff I can't remember (my brain was turning to sweaty mush at this point)
strength work: 5 minutes Zone 2-3 (I was trying to keep my watts around 160), 1 minute standing, 1 minute recovery, than 4 minutes at 160 watts, 2 minutes standing, 3 minutes at 160, 3 minutes standing, 2 minutes Zone 2, 4 minutes standing, and 1 minute Zone 2, 5 minutes standing (wanted to DIE DIE DIE)
Ended with some alternating cadence and strength work

It was super fun to ride with friends and I NEVER in a MILLION years would push myself that hard in my basement watching a movie.

I did have some technical difficulties with my bike--the stupid tire started rubbing AGAIN and I know this is somehow my fault. I just can't seem to get the adjustments right when I move my bike (like in that olympic race I did last August). I really need to figure that out, because I'll be SUPER angry to the 10th power if it happens in New Orleans. Harumph. Luckily a buddy helped me fix it and was nice enough to pause his workout to help little ol' me. Thanks! :)

Up for this weekend--a swim out at Oberlin with my tri club friends including a 20 minute time trial...we'll see how this goes! I've been feeling great in the pool lately.

For now, I need to stop sweating. I'm going to cause a tidal wave of nastiness to the poor people riding around me.


Steve Stenzel said...

We could be so nasty together. I'm a sweater too!

And I always bring at least 2 water bottles. See above point for explanation.

8 WEEKS?!?!? Oh crap!

Carolina John said...

I hear ya. I sweat like a hog too. I have learned to enjoy it, the wife.... not so much.

sounds like an awesome spin class!

Jamie said...

I can get pretty sweaty but I've never FILLED UP a towel. Now that is just gross.

Next time either just wring out the towel (totally hardcore) Or try to write your name on the floor with the sweat that drips from your nose (totally hilarious).

Dave said...

1 towel/hour is my rule on the trainer, just to be safe. :)

Do you have a fan set up to point at you on the trainer? That helps quite a bit for me. Obviously that doesn't help at the club, though.

Karen said...

hilarious - a tidal wave of sweat - no dear, that would be me causing that tidal wave. I am a big time embarrassing sweaty head too! Good luck in New Orleans!

triguyjt said...

I thinks its kinda appropriate..that you are the queen of you know you will be be Nawlins, which in a sad kinda way is known for its water....

just bring extra towels