Monday, March 31, 2008

This is our, really...well, maybe.

It's finally here!

The Indians home opener and my beloved Tribe's season. I can't wait to watch it today with JayZ (all decked out in his new Tribe outfit) and our buddies. I wish I could be down there. And, hey! Bonus--it's not snowing this year! But alas, I can't get out of work in time.

So for another season, I will stand by my boys just like I have for the past 30 seasons now (but I only remember 23-24 or so) and, hopefully, if I'm really lucky, avoid having my little heart crushed and smashed and stomped on in October. Like last year. And, the year before. And, in 1997. And, in 1995. And throughout most of the 80s when we were 30+ games in the cellar. And, well, you get the point.



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DaisyDuc said...

Yeah, go tribe!

Don't worry, I will be down there representing decked out in my Indians gear....even a little rain can't keep me away!