Monday, March 31, 2008

Five Miler!

It has been pretty warm here! Yahoooo! I don't want to speak too soon, because when I do that, we usually get about 4 inches of snow, BUT...methinks spring is arriving.

So we decided to ring in the new season by taking JayZ out for a jog!

It went something like this:

Me: Are you sure the straps are tight enough? Double check the straps.

Matt: I checked them. Like, 82 times.

JayZ: Why did they put socks on my hands?

Me: I can't believe we have to put socks on his hands because we can't find any mittens.

Matt: Let's go!

JayZ: Seriously. They put socks. On my hands.

Me: How's he doing?

Matt: Fine.

(we run .017 miles)

Me: Now how's he doing?

Matt: Still fine.


Me: (every half mile) Is he still asleep?

Matt: Yes. I told you. He's still asleep.


And that's how we all ran a nice 5 mile jog together. It was pretty awesome! We're both excited that we can actually a) get outside and b) not have to time up our runs with naps, although it seems that runs induce napping. Well, at least it did this time!

And here's a picture from Easter. I mean, seriously--can my kid look ANY MORE like my husband?! I swear, unless I was there the day he was born....sigh... :)

64 degrees today and a Tribe Opener win! It just doesn't get much better than that.


monica said...

omg, the ironman stroller is too much!!! nice to hear you're warming up back there, and mom's lookin' like she's ready to race soon!!

Steve Stenzel said...

Wow, JayZ sounds like he's already got a lot of sass! It must be from his mother...

xt4 said...

Ack! Must...shield...eyes...

I've so been waiting for the weather to truly crack here so I can go get D an Ironman stroller and get out there. I can't wait. So glad you and JZ got out there to do it.

Socks. Hilarious!

Jennifer P said...

OMG the socks are hilarious. Two weeks ago I took Newt for a run with the tri team. It was stupid cold (-22C) so I had him bundled up in his warmest PJs (light blue with lame bears), mismatched socks and mittens on his feet. We were invited to Starbucks afterward and my teammates were like "Um, do you have mitts on his feet?". We do what we have to.
Newt loves the stroller but I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that I freak out every time we go. And he always sleeps.
Glad you're enjoying your time together running with your boy!

Polly said...

He! is! so! cute!!

I am looking into a jogging stroller too. Now that the weather is good, it's time!

And socks for mittens? Totally been there, done that. ;) (And why not, right?)

E-Speed said...

You guys are all too cute! But man what's with the socks ;) LOL He's just getting ready to be a very inventive triathlete down the road, anything to get the run in ;)

Wes said...

Now that is one kick ass ride! Is there room for me in that thing :-) Great Easter pic! You are right. Hubby gave him all the looks!

Flatman said...

That last pic is priceless!!!

crazy tri mama said...

Running with husband and a sleeping baby, great weather, protective mom, tribe win, socks on hands, no snow...........isn't Cleveland great??

Running Jayhawk said...

omg! TOO CUTE!!!

Love the JayZ commentary. You have to wonder if he knows how crazy his mom is just yet?

Oh crap! I NEVER SENT YOU THAT ADDRESS! I'll do that tonight when I get home.


Kurt said...

My kids always fell asleep in the stroller when I ran them. He was just relishing the UNC victory again by the way. Besides he does what he does best and zzzz is the way to go!

IronMatron said...

In all of the early pictures of my oldest she has socks on her hands. I was terrified about cutting her nails (having tried once and induced major bleeding) and so I just kept her in hand socks so she wouldn't scratch her face. dork!
The jogging stroller. It will be your best friend this summer. :)

Andy said...

Pictures are great! What better way to get the family out then by running and having JayZ in the stroller! My parents used to put me to sleep by putting me in the back of the car and then driving around. To each his own :)


Sarah said...

Ha - so cute! I always bow down to the parents I see pushing the strollers and pulling the kids behind their bikes. Man, that rocks! And what a cool way to get out together!

ShirleyPerly said...

Just saw that you won the slot on Team Evotri -- CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Siren said...

OMG, this made me laugh until I cried! We didn't end up buying a jogging stroller yet (we stopped spending money when WH got laid off), but now that he started a new job I really hope to get one soon! (Now I'm off for my dreadmill run...)

Congratulations on making the team!!

Steve Stenzel said...


Rural Girl said...

64 degrees!!!! You're killin' me. I am so jealous. I think our 5 extra inches of snow from Tuesday is still melting.

Yes, you're son looks just like your husband.

greyhound said...

Sersly. Socks.

He sounds like Bolder. And you look like you're about 19 again! Such a cute family.

Rae said...

Awww! You guys are so cute! You guys are going to have a fun summer with the jog stroller!

marathon mommy said...

The BOB Ironman rocks. I just received the double version today. Happy stroller miles!