Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy Stuff

Okay, so now that my rotten week is over, and the worst of the bad stuff seems to have passed, here's some happy stuff:

  • soooo excited to race this year I can barely stand it

  • able to hold my 2 miles of tempo at an 8:07/mile this week--yippee! Am slowly working my way down to 7:50 tempo miles as "official" half mary training starts 2/17

  • despite swimming 3 times in the past month, I didn' t get my butt kicked TOO bad today in the pool...yippeeeeeeeee

  • also surprising today was my 1000 yard swim as it wasn't TOO far off what I would like to see it at...did it in 17:19...again, very pleased as I have been a total pool slacker lately

  • the trainer is so much better when watching the Colbert Report

  • Matt's birthday present totally kicks butt but I can't write what it is yet because he SOMETIMES reads this (and with my luck if I write what it is he'll check)

  • got to have dinner with 2 of my Miami AGD buds, Miles and TBone last night--we had some good laughs, girl time, and pinot noir...mmmmmm

  • Friday night got to have dinner with my funny friend Jon and his awesome fiance, Amy, so that cheered us up quite a bit

  • 45 pounds down, my friends. 45 pounds.

  • Guess who ROLLED OVER this week? I'll give you a hint: it wasn't me.


Kurt said...

woo hoo first to post this time! Good work on the tempo work. Baby Jackson is getting more adorable. By the way I will be back in Akron again for another trip. I hope to see that adorable little guy again!

Christine said...

How crazy!! I am from Avon Lakeeeeeeeee!!!!! We are neighbors!! We will def have to meet up at the Cleveland Halfer! Also....LOVE pinot noir. Maybe we can celebrate together with a glass after you whoop my butt in the race;) CUTE baby!

Jodi said...

That boy looks so old! What a cutie pie!

You are doing awesome. Wish you lived closer so we could train together more often!


Taconite Boy said...

Nice Roll little buddy!

Your superhero status is well on the way.

greyhound said...

The boy has skillz!!

And what a happy guy, too.

triguyjt said...

The King of the Roll-over,.....
the future ironman or olympic gymnast!! Jay Z!!
Great rosey cheeky face..

Grats on the tempo..nice job.

Kate said...

What a cutie!!!!
Nice work on the running and weight loss- wow!

Wes said...

Oh my god! Are we going to continue to be tortured with pics of cute-mungous Baby Z? Oh, fine! Make it hurt!!!! ROFL!!

He's just getting handsomer every day! Nice on the workouts too! Way to keep it coming!!

Mallie said...

He is just so freaking adorable. So glad yo hear you're having a good week after the difficulty of the last one.

21stCenturyMom said...

I know I say this every time you post a picture of Baby Z but he is SO cute. So very, very cute. It isn't just you - he really is just irresistably adorable.

Rae said...

He is way too cute! I just love all that hair!!!!

tri-mama said...

A new week is always welcome-friends and laughs even more so, glad both came your way- my prayers are still with you

oh and did you hear about Trishannon....?

monica said...

those rosey apple cheeks are KILLING ME!!!

once again, your speed amazes me. i have not recently given birth and you're kicking my ass all over the place!!!

Pharmie said...

As always, Baby Z is ADORABLE!! And you are getting so fast! You're going to kick my butt this year :)

Bolder said...

so cute!

Lana said...

Yay for JazyZ and for happy stuff! So sorry about all that bad stuff in your previous post - UGH. I'll keep them in my prayers for sure.

You are kicking my butt in the pool, too, by the way. Badly.

Josh said...

Congrats on the milestone rollover! He's very cute.