Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Okay, Blogger won't let me put a title on my posts now. WTF?

Anyway, I have a few additional and somewhat unrelated things to say.

NO more watches for my swims.

I wore a watch today and it was sooooooooooooooooooo sad. I just didn't have more than 1600 meters in me today. I had to have a break in the middle because the "lifeguards saw lightening," which I think was total bull and they just wanted a break. So yeah. One mile. A LOT slower than usual. Many, MANY minutes. Ew. I've had to scrap the flip turns, so maybe I can blame a few minutes on that...? Ah, who am I kiddin'. But, I guess that's what I get for carting around a 2.5 pound, 15 inch being (or so the books say at this point in the game).

Furthermore, it was too hot for me to walk at the track so I passed. Ugh. I miss running so much. Boo. Saw a lot of people braving the heat out there and it reminded me of all my runs last summer, to "get ready for the heat" in Madison (now that's just COMICAL). Iron Johnny and I would have LOVED to do a nice 2 hour run on a day like today. We used to wait until it was as hot and humid as possible. And then on race day I had to wear a garbage bag...ha ha!

While Matt was putting our floor in and I felt useless, I tried to assemble one of those "easy assemble" shelves. I SUCK at that stuff. Sure enough, within 5 minutes, I screwed it up and put 2 holes in it and started crying. So Matt came up to help me and saw in the directions where it said to use the SMALL dowels instead of the large ones and I SWEAR THE WORD SMALL WASN'T THERE BEFORE. Anyway, the holes are in the bottom so at least I screwed up the part no one would see. Matt helped me get back on track and then had to read for his classes, so I finished it up and put the blue, green, and yellow drawers in it.

And just for fun I put some stuff on the shelves that we've gotten. A piggy bank my niece made the baby. A blue stuffed bunny. A book.

And then, I realized it's starting to look like a baby's room.

And then I cried again but just for 10 seconds or so.

Damn, I wish I could go for a run.


Brad "el ZappoMan" said...

I remember the "nesting" process when we had our first child. Reading your story takes me back. Now our girls are 7yrs & 5yrs, but it still seems like yesterday.

Cara said...

Hooray, progress! I'm sitting in the baby's room right now. It's our office, and it is still overflowing with officey things -- I'm starting to panic.
"Easy assemble" furniture sucks!! I can usually get it pretty much together but something always ends up slightly lopsided or the door doesn't quite swing right or something.

Run for Chocolate said...

I believe we should all throw away of clocks and see what happens

Lana said...

Awe! I remember fixing up the baby's rooms! How fun! And when I was pregnant I used to cry over everything. EVERYthing.

Ryan said...

Hey just popping in to wish you well with your pregnancy! My wife is expecting our third in August! Very excited but soon we’ll be outnumbered! You’ll need a nice jogging stroller now! And btw congratulations on completing the road to Ironman!


Siren said...

- Blogger wasn't letting me title posts either.

- You can TOTALLY blame some extra minutes on the lack o' flip turns. I've timed this myself and it makes an enormous difference.

- We had a minor shelf-putting-together fiasco the other night too : ) (And I love that the only piece of furniture we have for our babies so far is bookshelves - shows our priorities are in the right place!)

Nance said...

Dear TriSaraTops,
I've been reading your blog for awhile now, and would love to include an interview with you in an article I am writing about triathletes and their blogs. It will be the third part of a series of articles I've written in the last year about the culture of Ironman triathletes for my graduate project at the University of Oregon Journalism School. The other two bloggers I will be featuring are Jasper Blake, Ironman Canada 2006 champion (http://jasperblake.blogspot.com) and Drew Holmes, an Oregonian training for his first Ironman (http://ironman2007or8.blogspot.com). You can see the two previous articles in the series at the following links: (http://jcomm3.uoregon.edu/tr/doku.php?id=people:ironday) & (http://flux.uoregon.edu/2007/perspectives/my_ironyear/myironyear_page1.php). I'd likely be pitching the article to several magazines, but at the very least it will complete the series and get me graduated! Let me know if you are interested. I would really appreciate it. Email me at gonancygo@hotmail.com or nraskaus@uoregon.edu with questions and let me know what is a good time to call you.

greyhound said...

So, now you swim about as slow as I do, with no flip turns either. But I'm a skinny 40 year old who just sucks, not a 30 year old hottie swimmer girl who happens to be pregnant for the next few months.

Give you a look into the future: Superpounce and Soapinator bought matching stuffed pony and baby pony animals and carry them everywhere. The crying never ends. It just changes.

Chad said...

Sara, I was having problems with titles too. I just keep double clicking in the little box or just to the left of the box and your cursor eventually will show up.