Thursday, September 21, 2006

So the REAL funny thing is...

...I cleaned out my tri bag yesterday to get it ready to head to the pool to swim in the morning.

And, there it was: my little baggies filled with pre-cut Clif Bars, an opened bag of Clif Shot Bloks (strawberry of course), and one M&M minis canister of 24 enduralytes.

Ahhhh. My Ironman race day bike fuel.


I literally laughed out loud.

So, what did I do?

Threw it in my school bag. Put it in my desk drawer. Ate a few pieces before I headed home today, and took my bike for a nice hour-long ride in the chilly, sunny, fall day.

Bike fuel.

Might as well put it to use, huh?


qcmier said...

Hmm, I'm glad I ate all my IM race day bike fuel. Can't imagine what a ham sandwich from that day would look like now. Then again, it might still be frozen.

Chris said...

Too funny! That "cool" bike ride yesterday must have certainly been warmer than the ride a couple weeks back, no? :)

Spandex King said...

Wow!! Almost two weeks old and you ate it!! You really are an IRONMAN!!!

Flatman said...

Glad you are still giving your bike some lovin'!

Siren said...

"I literally laughed out loud."

So did I! That's priceless : D

teacherwoman said...

Nice! I love those moments that make you laugh outloud!