Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Curvy Running S'mores

So two days ago, I decided I needed some pants for work. The ones I've been wearing are 4 years old, and the first round of pants I bought after I lost some weight. They have served me well, but are looking pretty ratty and I have already had to sew them several times. I've tried to find some cheap pants--checked Target, Kohls, etc, but no such luck. Went to the Gap, and their big thing is the Audrey Hepburn style "skinny pants." Um, yeah. No. Just doesn't work for me.

I finally set on Gap's Modern Fit Size 6 "Curvy."

I love that they have "curvy" sizes, BTW. I like to call it "Bootylicious." Or, to kick it old school, "Baby Got Back."

Anyway, I bought 2 pair--one gray and one khaki. And when I bought them, they gave me a coupon for 15% off my next purchase. Next purchase? NO! I want 15% off my pants NOW!

I read the fine print: "Cannot be used on price adjustments."


Well fine then. So I drove to another Gap, returned one pair of pants, then drove back to the original Gap, and then re-bought the pants. I saved me EIGHT DOLLA.

To quote Flava Flav, YEAH, BOYEEEE.

Then, I realized that this is quite sad, and that Ironman training prevented such sad occurances. So I went out for a run.

I did 3.75 miles SLOWLY. I felt pretty good, but almost that I was in slow motion. I didn't feel like I was going as slow as I was, which bummed me out a bit. But, oh well. Just good to be out there.

Then, today, it was SOOOOOOOOOOO nice outside. So, I ran again. And it just didn't feel really good...I mean, it felt good to be out there and enjoying the day, but my RUNNING felt sluggish and slow, with my HR pretty high. Ugh. I threw the towel in at 3.6 miles.

3.6 miles?

So sad.

But, I must remember what I did to my body 17 days ago. I guess the rest of me feels just doesn't hit me until I start to run how TIRED I am. Hmmm. So, I think I'm just going to have to keep it REAL ridonkulously easy. Like, no HR monitor, no watch easy. No worrying about pace, and just get out to enjoy it.

I got to have breakfast with TriEric and the rest of my YMCA crew Tuesday--so fun! We met for bagels and coffee. It was me, Eric, Dave the Lifeguard, Noodle Lady, Navy Guy, Jason, CJ, and a few others. It was fun to see everyone out of the water and a nice way to start the morning.

I'm getting excited for this weekend--tomorrow, I have to stay at school late to help the freshman decorate their assigned hallway for Homecoming (I'm one of their class advisors), so we're gonna get some pizza and pump some tunes, then I'm running with the other co-advisor. SLOWLY though. :) Friday night, I'll probably pop up at the game since it's Homecoming--I usually make an appearance at that game to see the parade and stuff. The kids get all excited and it's pretty doggone cute. Saturday, riding with Jeff and Kelly--who are doing IMFL--for a few hours nice and easy. Then, gonna do a fire on Saturday night and make some s'mores. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. And Sunday is the Tri Club picnic! Yahooooooo.

And that's. About. It. Oh, and one more thing.

Yesterday on my run, I listened to Fatboy Slim's Right Here, Right Now, which was the song playing when I was treading water in Lake Monona.

Heart rate and pace--wayyyy up. But in a good way. :)

Then, last night I watched the Janus IM Wisconsin Highlight video TWICE.


Am I an addict or what?


bunnygirl said...

Fall is always a great time to run. Do what I do when I'm coming back from an injury (or trying to stave one off) and leave the watch, HR monitor and all the other gizmos at home. Just go out and run whatever pace and distance feels good to you and don't worry about the numbers.

It's supposed to be fun, after all. So enjoy it!

Ariel said...

Jeez. Was it really 17 days ago?

Don't worry, I've watched the highlights DVD many, many times. In a row.

Jessi said...

I LOVE me the gap curvy pants. They are awesome, huh? You should also try Banana Republic Contour fit.

emily said...

Huh. The pants I wore today were size 6 gap curvy fit too... Is it weird that I am very happy that I, who only three days ago did my first triathlon ever, wear the same size and same bootyliciousness of pants as a bona fide ironman triathlete? ;)

Rachel said...

Definitely an addict.

Love "Right Here, Right Now." Fatboy Slim is the bomb.

Don't feel bad about feeling sluggish! You just did an IM for pete's sakes! Take some time off and REST!!!

Your talk about gettting pants made me laugh. (And made me want to go shopping).

Eric said...

I felt the same way after IM USA. It took a while to get back with the running.

They played "Right Here, Right Now" just before our swim start in Mirror Lake. Love that song. Set me up to be focused for the race.

RunBubbaRun said...

A shopper after my own heart, run around everywhere to get the best deal , drives my wife crazy. Rest up, the no watch and no tracking of workouts is the best thing. I'm tired of looking at schedules.

Lloyd said...


Who has ever gone wrong with a little "Bootylicious-ness?"

Fun post. I imagine you'll have vivid memories of each of the 140.6 miles for many years to come.

Meredith said...

So I'm not the only white girl who knows all the words to Baby Got Back? Awesome!

I too can't wait for my marathon training to end so I can get back to normal life...have time to shop, have time to clean the house, have time to live a little.

Wes said...

You shopping divas are EVIL. They need to come out with a line of jeans for tris, bubbly butts notwithstanding.

E-Speed said...

that is great that you traveled to two different GAP stores in order to get that discount, sneaky, but great!

JenC said...

I must look into these pants.

I can't run far these days either and I didn't do an IM 18 days ago. The HR monitor is safely in a drawer to return at some other moment, but not now.

Have fun with the off season and I look forward to seeing you Sunday!

Batman said...

Great song. It sounds like the race couldn't have come at a better time. Fall is a reflective season anyway...

Kurt said...

You do need the rest to recover after your big IM. Now the question is what is the next target you have planned? It is good to look back but don't forget to keep focused on other goals also (hmm, sub 22 5K for you sounds good)

Kim said...

I own 79 skirts, and I wear ONE pair of pants ONCE every month (if that)...and I got them at Ann Taylor Loft...I'm 5'8 and they are nice and long (in case you're tall) and fit just right. I just hate pants, but try there, they have nice quality pants for pretty cheap! :)

So impressed that you're continuously getting out for runs, no matter the distance you cover. You're awesome!

Cliff said...

...hmm baby got back...that's old school for sure.

21st Century Mom said...

Love that GAP trick - they are so evil with their 'here's a little "gift" to force you to spend more money'. HA!

I am still barely running after my July 30 marathon. No swim, no bike - just the run. And yet.... I'm just starting to run again. It happens. Once you get over 4 miles the rest falls into place.

If I had finished Ironman I would watch that video I'm pretty sure I would.

DaisyDuc said...

Aghh, good to see it is not just me that is forever in pursuit of a good deal...often much to the annoyance of my hubby who thinks it is just a waste of time and effort!

greyhound said...

Psssst. hey . . . you want to score some stuff? Yeah you. I can tell you're Jonesing for it. I'll help you get the monkey off your back.

Next year? Madison? Come on. We can make it happen.

Marathon Maritza said...

I do that kind of thing: buy, then return, then re-buy to get the discount..... hey, 8 dollars is 8 dollars!!!

I like The Limited's new pants too...very booty-friendly.

xt4 said...

Seriously. That was hilarious. Yeah bitches.

What is this video you speak of? Of '06? Where do I get it!? How do I watch it!? Looking for a fix...can you shout me back a comment, or hit me at my blog or something with details about this alleged video!?!? Thanks!!!!!

Mallie said...

An addict...possibly. But we luvs you for it. As for the curvy pants...I hear you. I tend to go even further "back" in the day and refer to my "junk in the trunk".

Whatever exercise you do...make sure to have fun. We've already "discussed" my HRM thoughts. Enjoy those HRM free workouts where you simply remember the joy of running.

I seem to remember some earlier mention of MTB. Get on it, girlie!

JohnnyTri said...

Sir Mixalot, old school is right! Funny Gap story..

jbmmommy said...

I'm pretty sure I'd watch the video twice a DAY if I finished an IM.

Nice on the curvy pants. I'm not shopping until I lose 10 more pounds. We'll see how long that takes.

rice said...

Eight bucks! way to stick it to the man..



triteacher said...

Ha! I too love the shopping story and really need to drag all the junk in my trunk out for pants too. But I hate shopping for normal-people clothes! I tried before school started and I came home with 2 bike shirts, running socks, and yet another CO2 cartridge. "Ill" doesn't even touch this.

Jodi said...

I love your penny pinching ways! we have so much in common!



Lana said...

oh you have soooo cracked me up about the 15% off pants...hehehe...I have seriously got to adopt that attitude...the last time Gap gave me one of those 15% coupons I thought "cool, I'll come back and get that sweater I want next weekend." Talk about falling right into their hands...Geez....well atleast I can count on TriSaraTops to stick it to them!! Too cute...

ClareUK said...

Excellent about the pants. Gap Curvy mean I can wear a US size 8 rather than a 10. Oh size 6... (note to self..It is not about the numbers!!)

I hope you don't mind but I've added a link to your blog from my new one. I'm hoping that if I hang out in cyber world with athletes it might rub off a bit ;-)!

Kewl Nitrox said...

You must be the only gal I know who wears 4 yr old pants. :)

Baan away a while, I like the new profile photo.

tri-mama said...

Catching up is so much fun, I really enjoy your posts. The leaves are almost in full color in some places here, breath taking, and still quite green in others-potential. While taking time to shop wasn't on your list of what I'll do now, you definitely earned the right to putter around stores. That's not so sad, that's making the most of what you've got-like putting on those fine curvy pants. Have a fun weekend-looks like we'll be s'moring in cosmic harmony Sat night.

jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

I would've done the same thing with the pants. I'm such a cheap skate.

Joe said...

I love that they have "curvy" sizes, BTW. I like to call it "Bootylicious." Or, to kick it old school, "Baby Got Back."

That's GOLD, Jerry!

I used to shop a lot at the GAP but as I get older, I'm finding it harder and harder to find stuff that I like there. I still buy my khakis there -- I get the ones with the pleats though -- talk about kicking it old school

Rae said...

I'm going to have to check out the curvy pants!! I've seen the ads for all the slim ones and thought "no way!"

Tri-Dummy said...

Sara, to blogging and doing IM Wisconsin 2007. Could you give me a link or directions on how you posted the IM countdown(Timex watch graphic) on your BLOG. Thank you very much!

a.maria said...

yeah. you're an addict for sure.

3.6 miles.. ha ha. thats my "long" run right now.

guh. i need some motivation!