Thursday, June 22, 2006

New Record!

I swam 2 miles without stopping! Yahoo!

New record for me! :)

Kept it slow and steady...nothing too exciting speed-wise, but hey I'm just pumped I did it. It's been crazy fitting in workouts with work this week and my sis-in-law's wedding (there's at least one event each day from Wednesday-Saturday for this wedding), but here's how the week is going Tuesday-Tuesday:

Tuesday: HR testing at my Coach's place
Wednesday: AM--run 1:15 with pickups to Zone 3. PM: Ride 1:30 interval workout on trainer (which by the way kicked my BUTT)
Thursday: AM--run 60 minutes Zone 2. PM: swim 3300 Meters
Friday: Ride 1:30, core work
Saturday: wedding all day--seriously, have to leave for hair appointment at 7:40 for cryin' out loud--no workout today :(
Sunday: 4:30 ride on HILLS (bring it ON) and 45 minute run off bike, 2 softball games at night if I can stand up and swing a bat
Monday: Hilly run at Hinckley for 2:15, core work

Despite the craziness of this week I'm excited to be on track to fit all this in!

GOOD LUCK to IM Cd'A and IM France racers this weekend: Rob and Su/Bryce/Kurt! I will be obsessively checking my computer if I can at any time on Saturday....can't wait to hear all the reports!

Rob, was that you in the pool today? I would have stopped but I was trying to see if I could make it to 2 miles....kinda looked like you when I did a flip turn, and whoever it was was SUPER fast so I figured it might be you! But I thought you would have left? Anyway--have FUN!

Everyone else have a great Thursday afternoon--get out there and play!


Cliff said...

U playing two baseball games on sun. Good luck :).

I have been bad. Whenever i play social sports after i train, i am super tired and grouchy :). My friend said "u would expect Cliff to be super fit b/c he trains...then this time at volleyball he just lies on the bench like a road kill".

yeah.that's me :0

rob reddy said...

sara - nice job on the swim - you looked very smooth - ya that was me - I have a HUGE rule about not bothering people during their swim workouts, thus I did not stop you but did look for you afterwards - you must have snuck out.

Off to Idaho tonight - bib 1049 - first time over 1000, I'm getting old.

Flatman said...

Nice...two miles is a long way to swim!

qcmier said...

Uh, this afternoon was not a good time to get out an play.

By the way, I'm sure you'll like working with Angela; she's good.

Running Rabbit said...

Nice job on completing those 2 miles! I bet you feel great!

Rachel said...

Awesome photos below! You look like you're having a great time on the bike.

Good job on the swim. That's fantastic!

Michele said...

Congrats on the 2 mile swim, that is awesome.

DaisyDuc said...

Awesome job with all them workouts!

Mojo said...

Sounds like you do great with juggling everything. That is some serious training, lots of time. It will all pay off race day. Great two mile swim too, the training for that is impressive!

I'm kinda jealous about the wedding day, no training, feel like a woman day. Lately, I have felt so gross, hot and sweaty. All the time, all day long. It's so friggin hot!

I'd like a "Dressed up, with make-up and my hair done day." :)
Take lots of pics at the wedding. You'll have some, "I am a hottie" shots! :) Enjoy your day off!

Wobbly man said...

Great work on the HUGE swim mate!

rice said...

Good work on the swim. I been out of the water for a LONG time. But I always find it go's a lot better when I take it easy and just work on getting there.



Rae said...

Great job on the two miles!!!

That is a LONG swim!