Sunday, December 01, 2013

Race Report: Turkey Dash, 2013

Totally didn't expect this race to go so well!

First of all, we've already established that I've done little since the marathon but run easy, cross train a bit, and consume copious amounts of peanut butter. No speedwork has been completed.  Repeat: NONE.

Then on Wednesday, I decided to take Kim up on an invitation to head to the Beachland Ballroom to go hear some good live music.  It was super fun, but a late night fueled by a Bell's Winter White and some water (because I'm a responsible hydrater like that).

Got up early to the bitter chill and wind and thought WHY WHY WHYDIDITHINKTHISWASAGOODIDEA?  Ugh.  I sort of wished I was pacing a friend or something so it would make me NOT feel like I had to run hard.  But the only person I knew running aside from my awesome Mom was Katie, and let's face it, her sub-7 minute pace is not exactly what I would call "comfortable" and more what I call "puke-enducing."
Me and the Mom, who is actually almost 27 years older than me.  No joke. If I don't age like she has, I'm a gonna HURT SOMEBODY

So, I figured I'd just give it a go and see what happened.

First mile was around 7:20, so all things considered, not too bad.  I slowed down a bit in the 2nd mile--something around 7:40?  May have been a touch long.  Then I just decided that I still, for some reason, felt pretty good (this is rare in a 5K and means I am not running fast enough, of course) so I picked it up at the end to actually negative split the race.  What?  I NEVER negative split 5Ks.  I go out too fast and then DIEDIEDIE every time.
BRRR it was cold!

flyin' to the finish

But I picked it up and crossed the line all, "ain't no thang." I barely even felt tired.  And the best part? I ran a 23:2X (chip time is messed up so I'll update it when it's fixed!).  Considering it took me 9 years to break an old PR of 23:43, pulling this 23:2X outta my ear is pretty awesome.

Now, if only I could run a 5K to my full potential and actually do it right.  Alas, that HURTS WAY TOO MUCH.

But for now? Pumpkin pie, please!

The real reason why I run on Thanksgiving: double pie


Carolina John said...

double pie is by far the best reason I want to run on thanksgiving. longer the better.

Karen Gallantry said...

Running that fast in the ice, snow and cold definitely deserved a slice of cake afterwards!