Saturday, August 18, 2012

Race Time!

Okay, tomorrow is it!  I signed up for the Vermilion Harbor Triathlon which, according to the link as well as everyone I've talked to, is a pretty killer course.  I checked last year's bike splits and they were definitely slow (although last year's weather was rotten).  So this will be a challenge, for sure!  But I figured I really haven't had a chance to race much this year so I might as well go longer and get my money's worth.  Right?

(I may not be saying that so cheerfully as I spin in my granny gear up the hills tomorrow.)

The good news is that the weather looks fabulous, and if it's anything like today, it will be darn near perfect.  A little chilly at the start, low humidity, and light winds.  "So I've got that going for me.  Which is good."

My goals are really just to go as hard as I possibly can, make it through the 10k in a respectable fashion, and finish smiling.  I know this isn't a PR course for me nor am I in run shape to pull off my PR time on the run.  So I just want this to be a fun, hard, challenging in a good way day to end my last week of summer vacation.

Here goes!

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