Sunday, November 27, 2011

Serendipitous November Triathlon

So I know I said before that it would be my last time on the bike for a while, but WAIT!  It wasn't!  I'm pretty sure yesterday was.  64 and sunny on November 26th in the NEO?

Global warming, I hate you every day BUT YESTERDAY.

This weekend has been amazeballs.  We hosted Thanksgiving dinner for 14 people on Thursday after I ran the Turkey Dash in the morning.  Friday we all relaxed and slept in until after 9!  That's the equivalent of sleeping until noon in college, or, even doing what TriShannon and DaisyDuc and I used to do which was BARELY making the 1:30pm Saturday brunch cutoff in our dorm where the dining hall was BELOW US.  Yes, oh laziness, we set the bar quite high.  So 9am was much needed, and completely relaxing.

Saturday I went for a run with Ana in shorts again with a shiny orb in the sky.  It is really unheard of this time of year, so we soaked that up for all it was worth and got in 8 miles at a conversational sub-9 pace!  I was very happy with that since my legs were still a little heavy from the race.  Then, I went home, helped Matt hang up some Christmas lights, chased Bug and Bean around for a bit, and then put Bean down for a nap.  Matt went in to watch the Michigan game (we are a house divided, you see--I still say GO BUCKS), Bug was playing cars, and I looked out the window to still see 64 degrees and sunshine.

I was pretty tired after my run and chasing the kiddies around all morning.

But that sun.

And that warmth.

And, once again, it's late November.

I just couldn't pass it up.  I checked the forecast and, indeed, this looked to be it (for realz this time) for a while.  Sunday would be kind of warm but really rainy, so if I wanted to get out today would be it.

I put on my big girl pants (errr, bike shorts) and went out for another workout.  But I way overdressed! I had to ditch my Evotri jacket at the first park by my house and tied it all stealth-mode to a tree. I hoped it would be there when I got back (I was pretty sure it would be, and it was).

At the turnaround, I even ditched my leg warmers!  And the world got to see my pasty white legs one last time before May or so!

Pastiest white legs this side of the Mississippi!

Seriously, I was so freaking happy to be riding.  To quote the late, great, Freddie Mercury, I love to ride my bicycle, I love to ride my bike.  I love the NEO, but get kind of sad that I miss riding for a good 2-3 months outside on a regular basis.  Trainer workouts can kick your butt, too, and there is value in that, but there's nothing like getting outside.  It was CRAZY windy, though.  At one point I was pushing almost 300 watts and going 12.2 miles per hour!

This is my "I can't believe it's 64 degrees today!" face
Got back, took a quick shower just so I didn't scare people, and went to my buddy SimplyMarried's pool party for Sweet A's 2nd birthday.  So, if you count me chasing Bug and Bean around a pool for 2 hours, then I pretty much did a triathlon Saturday.  Score!

Picture courtesy of my super cool buddy, SimplyMarried

And Saturday night?  I was toast!  I fell asleep right after Bug at about 8:47pm.  It was awesome.

Now it is raining and the cold front is moving in--probably for good.  But I feel like I did cheat a little bit this November, and for that, I am ridiculously grateful.

So here's to beating the conventional Northeastern Ohio triathlon season.  And hey, while we're at it, how about you check out my awesome team, Team Evotri, and our contest to add a new member?  We are so excited to add someone to the family next year!

Happy Training!


Carolina John said...

Very cool. We're loving the warmer weather in NC as well. And I'm working on the video already for the team.

Tracey Green said...

First time visiting. I too am still on the bike due to this amazing weather. NO complaints! I love the energy of your blog and wanted to personally invite you to inspire others by adding your voice to this site: It's a new site, but readership has been very high so far. If your story is published as a feature, you can reference your blog. Please consider as I think your feats between Ironman and Mommy-hood are very inspiring. I've volunteered at three Ironman events. You finishers are quite amazing.

Rural Girl said...

"amazeballs"? You've got a new word! NICE.