Monday, December 20, 2010

NEVER gets old.


Just watched the IM World Championship broadcast that I dvr'd again. For the second time in three days. And it is so amazing--not just because my rock-star teammate Rural Girl makes an appearance around 1:45 (which is AWESOME! You BETCHA) but just because it reminds me that yeah, I did that too (albeit not on that legend of a course), and it was just as surreal as the announcers describe.

And I know I'm a sucker, but I love the human interest stories. I feel like the people they focused on this year were just incredible. Hats off to them...especially Clayton Treska. To do this while battling cancer--not after, as that's amazing enough, in my opinion, but DURING--that is just superhuman. After watching my loved ones battle and see what chemotherapy and radiation do to your body, I just can't imagine even attempting what that guy did.

I spun a little harder on the trainer today, because I remembered again that day which, as one person put it (not sure who it was), was "one long conversation with yourself." That about sums it up. And I have some lofty goals for this year in running, but as I spun on my trainer in my toy-and-burp-cloth filled basement, I remembered yet again that I am, at heart, a triathlete. This broadcast always serves as the little kick in the pants I inevitably need at this point in the year. Running is something I do love, but triathlon is really just me.

I am so excited to race next season, I can hardly stand it.


Anonymous said...

The airing of the "big one" seems to come just at the right time, doesn't it?
Happy training and planning!

Christi said...

I always love watching the rebroadcast and you are right it does fire you up! I hope to do my first one in 2012!

TriGirl said...

We started racing last year (olympic distance for him and sprints for me) and we have about 10 triathlons on the tivo to pull up any time we're looking for some inspiration!

Austin said...

thanks, it's great to know i'm not the only one re-watching it on dvr...those age-groupers are frekin awesome. they get rid of every excuse i could think of before i could think of it.