Sunday, September 20, 2009

Falling off the wagon

Well, I certainly haven't eaten very well the past few days.

It's just that this BABY seems to make me SO FREAKIN' HUNGRY. And eat things like chips and salsa mixed with Velveeta.

Yes, I said Velveeta. Me, who likes to only eat whole foods. FAKE FRICKEN CHEESE.

What's gotten into me?!

The good news is, the Velveeta (or, as it says on the package, "pasteurized processed cheese food") is gone as I used it up to make a casserole for Matt's Mom and Dad. She'll be coming home from the hospital--again--tomorrow. It's been a rough week over here for us, involving a trip to the ER for Matt's mom and a car that broke down in the hospital parking lot late Wednesday night. Stressful for me, but doubly so for Matt. Ugh. So, my eating went by the wayside a bit.

I'm a little afraid for this week's weigh-in.

But never fear--I made myself some healthy quinoa tastiness to fuel me up all week. And the running's been going pretty well. And the Velveeta is gone.

And tomorrow, Matt's mom will be home again. Hopefully for good this time.

So, things are starting to look up.

Baby Z is kicking up a lot now! I am excited to see the little bean on the ultrasound tomorrow. Hopefully all will be well in the ever-growing uterus. I feel huge, although I know I don't look as large and in charge as I feel.

The weather has been wonderful, and it's been great for the running. Running/walking has gotten me through the stress of this week--that and some awesome friends and family. So that's good. Although, I have to admit, it's weekends like this where I really, REALLY miss riding my BMC super duper fast down Route 2 toward the Valley for a good 2 hours.


But good things come to those who wait. And so, with that, I'll have to sign off and wait until 3pm tomorrow, when I get to see my little bean jumping around on a screen again.

Happy training to all, and to all a good night!

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DaisyDuc said...

Gotta cut your slack sometimes! Sorry that things have been so stressful for ya! Sending you a lil hug! Miss ya girl!