Saturday, April 25, 2009

Things I thought on my long run today, in list format.

1. Who needs a fancy iPod holder when you wear a sportsbra? This is genius!

2. Oops. It fell out. Maybe that's not such a good idea.

3. It's too hot for me. I'm such a temperature wuss.

4. How wrong is it that I have both Huey Lewis and Pantera on my iPod? Not that wrong, right?

5. This pace feels so easy, but it is faster than my marathon pace. That's nice.

6. "It's too damn hot for penguins to just be runnin' around."

7. I kinda wish the pool was open today. Or Lake Erie was more than 45 degrees.

8. Sure looks good enough to jump in, though. Wonder how long I could last.

9. Vicinity of Obscenity by System of a Down might be the most random song ever. Banana terra cotta pie? Really?

10. 7 miles done. Now I'm supposed to run 5 or so at race pace. This is going to hurt.

11. Ow.

12. I want to die.

13. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.


15. Owowowoowowowiwannastop.

16. STOP LIGHT! I love you.

17. I don't think I can do this for 5 miles.

18. I think 4 is good. Or I might seriously puke. Why did I eat all that for breakfast?!

19. Note to self: now you know what NOT to eat for breakfast.

20. OKAY MILE FOUR and I am still alive. Oops. That was a little faster than race pace. am I going to hold close to that on race day?!

21. Stop worrying. You'll be tapered and it will be 90 minutes earlier so if it's hot that will help.

22. Still. That makes me worried.

23. Okay...I'm gonna have to just trust myself.

24. Two mile cooldown done...13 miles over.

25. My poor toenails. My feet are so bunknasty. And now it's flip flop season. Arg.

26. Trust yourself. Stop worrying. You can do this.


Mr. Pythagoras said...

I'll second the motion that it was WAY too hot for running long today. At least it's over and it's time to start tapering!

Maggs said...

Awesome run. How hot is it there?

Nicole said...

...barry manilow and crossfade on mine...randomness on the Ipod makes the run more enjoyable...can't underestimate the need to laugh out loud when eye of the tiger comes on!! great job on getting the run done! :)

Hedda said...

It was definitly way too hot for penguins to be just running around! I love Billy Madison!

Steve Stenzel said...

Your feet can't be worse than mine!


Carolina John said...

yea it was too hot. i get on the treadmill when it gets this hot. mid 90's here in SC. screw that.

glad you stuck it out though.

JP Severin said...

don't think in your race. It really helps. I started counting footsteps. I count to 90 then start over. It sounds dumb but it prevents me from thinking about how I am running like a potato. Also, the more you run in the heat... you can turn your weakness into your advantage. PS. the jog bra thing is inspired. I'll try it the next time I run.

Jennifer P said...

If anyone can do it you can. Dig the new blog layout too!

greyhound said...

Huey Lewis and Pantera? Dude, you've got nothing on my i-pod. This morning, I was running on shuffle and "Cowboys from Hell" was followed by a slow movement from Verdi's Requiem. Beat that.

DaisyDuc said...

Again Arcs and the Billy Madison quotes...some things never change!

Mnowac said...

You can do this! Love the word bunknasty.