Friday, December 05, 2008

The Neverending Cold


I have this neverending cold. It blows. (pun intended. sniff sniff)

Anyway, I *think* it's almost done. But don't tell it I said that. I took an extra rest day here, so I'm hoping that I can have a good run tomorrow and I won't feel like a snot-filled boulder is on my neck where my head should be.

I'm kind of excited about stuff now...I think the worst is officially over with craziness and stress, as Matt's grad class is done until mid-January, and in February I went back to work last year, so I'll be repeating lessons again. Yipppeeeeeeeyahoo! This week, after Matt's last class Wednesday night, I just sort of had the feeling that I was no longer bobbing in the pool and trying to keep my head above water, but more like I was doing a commanding flip turn SPLASH on the side of the wall and pushing off for another set.

Always a good feeling. :)

Today I ran into Ashley in the hallway, and she said, "Mrs. Z! When are we doing the Evotri stuff again?" And then Jenna said, "Even though I will have graduated, can I still do the Evotri club this summer?" And I got all kinds of stoked. I've got big plans for next summer, and I really need to start putting them all down on paper. I'll probably have to wait until I'm off for winter break to do that, but let's just say BIG. PLANS.

I've been getting super excited for New Orleans, too. I just can't wait to see the city, and what better way to do it than while swimming, biking, and running, right? Or, by celebrating the night after you finish the race? Cuz that's what I plan on doing. Yeeeeeeehaw! Who else out there is in, beside my teammates and the awesome Steve, Pharmie, and Michele? Come know you want to train in the basement all winter like me. ;) Actually, I have quite a high threshold for cold, so I'm planning on bundling up and doing some riding a few times as long as it's above 30 or so and not snowing!

That's all for now...heading to the Zoo tomorrow morning with the Bug and a few friends to meet Santa and have breakfast! Happy Friday!


triguyjt said...

hope you and the bug enjoyed the zoo......

the cold is one thing...the wind is a bugger though...

Amanda said...

I'm right there with you and the dread of training inside all winter, so I just stocked up on cold weather biking gear hoping I won't be chained to the trainer in my apartment too much!

Maggs said...

I got that cold too. I think it's gone, then it's back. Hope you feel better soon.

TriShannon said...

Wish I could come race with you. One day we will race together again.

In the meantime, to the basement for us. :)