Saturday, August 02, 2008

I'm home!

And tired.

But at the same time buzzed up on caffeine so I could make the drive home.

Got to kiss my little man, who turns 10 months old today, and now I'm going to sleep in my own bed.

Lots to tell, but here's the short version: we all just did a $220 brick workout. I was grumpy and grouchy when I found out the swim was cancelled, because it's my FAVORITE part. I guess I understand why, but I was still pretty bummed out. I'm no duathlete for a reason. But I think I might have a new favorite part....

The bottom line is, despite the snafus and this NOT being a triathlon, I had a ton of fun. It was great to hang with my team and my tri club buddies. And I absolutely shattered my goal on the bike, and pretty much nailed it on the run.

My "time" with a two-mile run substituted for the swim was 5:10. Which means even if I had swam the worst time I've ever swum for a 70.3 distance I would have finished in 5:36. But "would have" doesn't mean much. That and 89 cents will get me a cup of coffee. Oh well....

So I'm going to try not to focus on how this didn't feel like it "counted" as much, and focus on the good stuff:

Previous two 70.3 bike split averages: 16.5 and 15.7

Today: 20.4 mph

Previous two 70.3 half marathons: 2:30-somethin' (I don't know and I can't find it anywhere, but it was in that general vicinity), and 2:25

Today: 2:03 (9:24/mile)

And the best stuff of all was having my buddies there! I wish we had another few days to play around.

More to come, but for now, I'm sleepy. :)


Steve Stenzel said...

SWEET JOB out there!! Way to go!!

Wil said...

Next year we'll be cheering YOU onto Clearwater and Kona, sis!!!

tracie said...

great job!!!

as usual you rocked it! :)

Pharmie said...

Holy cow you are such a rock star. It was SO fun hanging out with you at the hoopty Ho Jo and at the tri, I mean du :)

DaisyDuc said...

Wowzers, about some serious improvement!!! Way to go woman---FANTASTIC JOB!!!

Anonymous said...

Great job, nice times, bummer about the swim, CONGRATS!

Borsch said... rocked the course!

Cara said...

You are AMAZING!!! Sucks that the swim was cancelled, but you clearly rocked the du! Wow. Just, wow.

Anonymous said...

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