Friday, December 08, 2006

"Reunited, And it Feels so Good...."

creeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkk goes the garage door

stares at each other


What do you mean, what? You know what.

No I don't.

It's December 8th.

Yeah. So?

So? That's all you can say is, so?!

You haven't lost your attitude, that's for sure.

Well how would you know? You haven't even TOUCHED me in almost 2 months!

Yeah, and it's been pretty nice.

Well, what the heck have you been doing for two months?! You spent hours and hours and hours on me for months, and now I don't see you for light years?!

I've been doing things I like. Running lots. Swimming a teensy bit. Yoga. Chillin'. Trying new recipes. Playing the piano. Traveling for fun. You know, that stuff.

The stuff you like.

Yeah. The stuff I like.


What's that supposed to mean?

It means you are only doing the stuff you like--the stuff you're good at. *snickers* That figures.

WHAT figures?!

The champions don't just train the parts they like. *snickers again* It's just like you do only do what you like. What you're good at.

No it's not! I do things I don't like sometimes!

Like what?

Um....grade papers. Watch TV. Eat brussel sprouts.

Nothing very challenging lately, though, huh? Wuss.

OK, beeyotch. I've had it with your attempted Jedi-mind tricks. You can't do this to me anymore. Things are different now.

Oooooh. Someone's getting a little salty.....

I mean it! I know I haven't seen you in a while, but to be quite honest, I didn't WANT to see you for a while, after our long long long trip together on September 10.

Yeah. It was over an hour longer than you wanted it to be.

Oh, SNAP. You'd better be glad I can't punch you.

Well, it was.

Yeah, it was. But let me get one thing straight here. Much of that was deliberate. I needed to SURVIVE that day. I had to change my goals. Hills I flew down at 43 miles per hour in July had to be 30 at best. Or I would have wiped out--flatted--worse! I saw it all that day! I knew I just had to get through you. So I did.

Well. It WAS.

Whatever. I refuse to apologize. It was what it was, and I am proud that I made it. You can think whatever you want.

You've got a lot of work to do on me still.

I know. But I've done a lot of work that I'm proud of. I know that the next time, I'll get that hour back.

Oh you will, huh?

Yeah. Write that down. I'll get that hour back. And MORE.

*hmpf* I'll believe that when I see it.

*grabs Arcaro from the ceiling*

You'll see it when my butt's on top of you doing it. So it starts now. You know where we have to go.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. The basement. On the trainer. Single leg drills, hard repeats...I remember.

Me too. And I remember how far it got me.

*Sighs* Man. I just can't intimidate you the way I used to, huh?

No way, Jose. Let's go. We have a lot of work to do.


Amy said...

I think I had a similar conversation with the 'Roo. But the 'Roo's all pissy because she knows she's getting replaced very soon. I better be careful she might buck me off even in the trainer.

Wes said...

Hey! I like brussel sprouts!!

Eric said...

Get on that bike and ride. Arcaro begins hibernation in the basement.

Sunday we play outside.

jbmmommy said...

Enjoy the re-uniting. Arcaro will regret provoking you, I'm sure.

TryAthlete said...

Hey! When you grade your students' books, do you talk to the books too?

Robin said...

Hey, I got bucked off of my trainer once. Well, actually I was watching _28 Days Later_ and in a *gotcha* moment, I fell off.

I recommend non-freaky movies for trainer time!

walchka said...

I heart the conversational posts! :)

Spandex King said...

I miss my bike. I share all of my problems with her. Were best friends.

Spandex King said...

I miss my bike. I share all of my problems with her. Were best friends.

Spandex King said...

I miss my bike. I share all of my problems with her. Were best friends.

Spandex King said...

I miss my bike. I share all of my problems with her. Were best friends.

21st Century Mom said...

THAT's funny. I had to get on my bike and ride a bik hill to have that talk.

Triteacher said...

Aargh! Where've I been?? How did I miss that you were in for FL 2007 (or is it for '08?)? Show Arcaro who's boss!

And teacher-to-teacher: How'd the UN delegates do at solving the world's problems?

RunBubbaRun said...

Here's to being re-united and let the games begin. Sometimes its just to hard to stay away.

BuckeyeRunner said...

IT is kind of funny....I have only brought the dog up to Huntington Park 2 times....and saw you running both times! Wierd. Mr.Buckeye

Wil said...

Yeah you sure did survive and more out there sis :) Hard to the core after that day! Awesome how we change...

Barb said...

You deserved the break! Now go show that bike who is boss!

jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

I love that conversation. I've been having the same one with my running shoes.

rice said...

Always entertaining..



Kurt said...

I wasn't sure what you were talking about at first but the comments clarified it a lot for me.

Yep you need to balance your training. How is the speed work going for the 5K?

greyhound said...

You're like the "Bike Whisperer." Way to be the pack leader. Give that bike some rules, boundaries and limitations.

xt4 said...

Kickass. And, as always, glad I'm not the only one who not only anthropomorphizes his machine, but finds the thing thick with attitude and rebellion besides. Brilliant!

And yeah, I'm with Triteacher - I think I knew you were kicking FL around, but have you made some kind of definitive decision on that? '08 like you first thought, or '07? Whoohoo!!!!!

bbieberitz said...

Get back on there and hit it! It is supposed to be pretty nice for the next few days. Get out and ride!

qcmier said...

Yeah what's wrong with brussel sprouts? And don't put Arcaro in the basement just yet. We're getting a heat wave here.